Wild Coffee Combo

A combo of Meghalaya’s wild Arabica & Robusta coffee.

Pure, strong, and full of flavour. 









Know where your coffee comes from and connect with Meghalaya!

Experience strong energy coffee from the hills that makes you feel adventurous!

This isn’t just your regular coffee. Experience wild coffee grown in the hills of Meghalaya.

Arabica Wild Coffee Powder 

From the canyonlands of Meghalaya, Zizira brings you pure Arabica wild coffee. Sourced from the wilderness of Meghalaya, these coffee beans have a distinct unique chocolaty flavour and they’re roasted to perfection. 

This variety of Arabica coffee offers a different experience from the regular coffee you may find on the internet. Try it out for yourself and experience the real robust flavour of wild coffee! 

Robusta Wild Coffee Powder 

Beneath the valleys and from high up the canyonlands, Zizira brings you pure Robusta beans. 

These beans are grown across several villages by farmers who use only natural methods ensuring that they're completely pure. 

Enjoy the taste of pure Robusta coffee from Meghalaya. Strong, pure, and full of flavour. 

Experience energy and adventure with every sip! 

Authentic Indigenous COffee

Experience authentic indigenous coffee from Meghalaya that will speak for itself with every cup. Just to give you a clearer picture, here are just some of the many benefits Wild coffee has to offer you: 

  • Firstly, these coffee beans are sourced from local villages from our ethical farmer partners. 
  • Roasted to perfection, experience the invigorating flavour and burst of energy with every cup. 
  • The coffee beans are all natural and pure. They don’t have any chemical fertilizers, or additives, or chicory added. So, they can’t get any purer than that! 

Discover Meghalaya and experience a sense of adventure with every cup of Zizira’s Wild Coffee!

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