Why Does Pure Raw Honey Undergo Crystallization Process?

If your honey bottle is solidified or has a creamy texture. It means you are witnessing a natural process called “Crystallization” which is perfectly normal for raw and pure honey.

It is a natural and uncontrolled process that happens when the glucose (or sugar content) in honey loses water and takes the form of crystals which is due to change in temperature. Other kinds of honey that are available in the market undergo a heating process known as pasteurization to maintain the consistency of the honey. This method can make it stay liquified for a long period, but it reduces the nutrients in it. So, observing a sign of crystallization in your honey indicates that it is not processed and is raw.

Phases of crystallization:

The different phases of crystallization of raw and pure honey at room temperature (20° C -22° C) are as follows.

  1. Just after its filling - The honey has a warm, smooth and drippy consistency with a clear golden-brown colour.

  2. After a week - The colour of the honey gets a little darker and its consistency becomes thick and sticky.

  3. After two weeks - During the second week, the honey tends to attain a dull brown colour and becomes thick and this is when it starts crystallizing.

  4. After 3 weeks - During the third week, you can actually see the signs of crystallization in your bottle. The colour of the honey becomes a lighter shade of brown with some white formation on it. The honey gets really thick with a semisolid texture.

  5. After 4 weeks - You will really observe the difference during this week. The honey attains a light brown colour with some white tints. The texture becomes very thick, but you will still see some liquid in it.

  6. After 6 weeks - During this phase, the honey turns into a creamy texture with an off-white colour. The consistency becomes extremely thick and it will not have a flow.

  7. After 7 weeks - The honey becomes completely crystallized and will be buff coloured with a solid creamy texture. You will observe crystals like the formation of the natural sugars in it. A spoon will be needed to scoop it as this crystallized honey will not easily flow.

How to decrystallize honey?

To turn your crystallized honey into liquid again, a gentle heat technique is followed.

  1. Boil water in a container and remove it from heat.

  2. Place the jar of honey in it making sure the water does not reach the top of the jar.

  3. The honey slowly liquefies. Repeat the process if the honey is still solidified.

  4. The jar can also be kept under the sun until it liquefies.

Note: It is not recommended to microwave raw honey or to put it in direct heat as this may destroy some of its essential nutrients.

What Is the Shelf-life of Wildflower Honey?

Wildflower raw honey does not have an expiry date, but the crystallization process can change the colour and taste of the honey which is a natural process that can easily be resolved