Women's Vitality Combo

A Tea and Honey Combo for a Woman’s Healthy Lifestyle

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What is Women’s Vitality Combo?

Team Zizira has combined two of Zizira’s finest— the Earthy Tropical Green Tea blend and Pure Wildflower Honey from Mawsynram to create Women’s Vitality Combo.

It is a tea blend with a raw honey, one that you can enjoy every day in between meals or anytime you crave for something soothing and refreshing, because of all the wonderful ingredients.

There is nothing more precious than the health and wellbeing of one’s body, soul, and mind. That’s why it is extremely important to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by resorting to herbal and natural remedies.

The ingredients are known to promote the health and wellness of a woman.

Understanding the Background of Women’s Health

Irregular periods, menstrual cramps and menopausal disorders, these are common health problems that women experience.

They are simply symptoms of imbalances. Often it takes nothing more than "good living practices" to remedy them.

All it takes are proper nutrition, adequate rest, connecting with self, joyful exercise and some herbs and spices are primary for wellbeing. (Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal recipes for Vibrant health)

What Are the Benefits for Me?

In this fast world, eating or consuming food as close to their natural state as possible is a wise decision, many would agree. As In addition to the various other supplements that a woman may need to sustain her health, these natural ingredients further help the cause.

What Am I Getting? The Ingredients!

This combo was made with one question in mind: How do we celebrate womanhood and a sustainable healthy lifestyle?

Little did we know, the answer would come in the form of a tea and honey combo. The combo consists of:

Earthy Tropical Green Tea

This amazing tea blend is incorporated with powerhouse ingredients when it comes to health benefits. From the likes of Roselle, turmeric, ginger, and green tea, this tea blend is chock full of health benefits such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pure Wildflower Honey from Mawsynram

Unprocessed with no added sugar or preservatives, this honey is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the body.

How Does Women’s Vitality Combo Taste?

First of all, the ingredients are just so pleasing to the eyes. From the ruby red Roselle petals to the golden hue of the Lakadong turmeric slices, this tea blend is definitely a beauty!

As for its flavour, it has a slightly sweet and sour taste accompanied by a hint of spiciness from the ginger.

The addition of honey makes it more refreshing with an aftertaste that soothes your throat and palate.

Farmer’s Promise: Where Do These Ingredients Come From?

The ingredients that make up this combo are naturally grown by ethical farmers who refrain from using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Each ingredient is carefully sourced from trusted farmers so you wouldn’t have to worry about the origin and the quality.

Each ingredient has been ethically sourced from different parts of Meghalaya.

Ing Makhir ginger, our indigenous ginger, has been sourced from Kong Sniawbiangmon.

Kong Mumtaz provides us with the refreshing and flavourful Roselle.

The pure wildflower honey is Kong Elvira’s pride and bounty.

How to Prepare a Woman’s Vitality Tea? 

  • Get your favourite cup! 
  • Grab an infuser or a siever or if you would like to consume the ingredients in their natural state, none of the two are needed. 
  • Fill it with a spoonful of Earthy Tropical Tea.
  • Pour Hot Water over this vitalizing tea blend.
  • Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the taste you prefer. Try steeping at different timings to find the perfect brew. 
  • Admire the burst of the ruby red colour into the water.
  • Let it cool down, because this is the right way to add honey to your herbal tea 
  • Scoop one teaspoon of Mawsynram Honey and stir it into your cup 
  • Now, get back to what you were doing and enjoy your Women’s Vitality Combo

Good to Know

This tea blend should be a treat for everyone but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone!

As with every good thing in this world, this tea blend also has it cons. So, it is always advisable to take necessary precautions before consuming this tea on a daily basis.

It is always advisable to consult your medical practitioner before having this tea blend.

But if you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, then feel free to go berserk with it!

Zizira’s Commitment

At Zizira, we take it upon ourselves to source responsibly and the ingredients that are processed are closely monitored as we process every ingredient ourselves in-house. 

Taking what we have sourced from our Farmers in Meghalaya, we do more than just sell them as they are. 

With experience and knowledge, we study these ingredients and turn them into products, ones which are easy to incorporate into our daily lives, if we are yearning for a healthy lifestyle.

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