We Use Herbs and Spices in Our Homes Too, so We Understand You. 

Become a confident conscious consumer with Zizira's herbs and spices. 


Here's what you can expect from us:

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Our Priorities


Authenticity is our priority 

Authenticity starts at the source, and we make sure it stays that way.  


It’s not just about the ingredients 

When you buy Zizira’s products, you are contributing to hardworking farmers aspiring to be self-driven entrepreneurs 


More than a product 

Each and every little ingredient is processed in-house, with utmost care and efficiency.  


Why choose Zizira? 

As the world moves from traditional markets to natural product online stores, it has become so easy to buy spices online. 

Here at Zizira, purity and authenticity are of utmost priority. With the help of traditional, sustainable farming methods and modern-day lab tests, we make sure you receive nothing short of the best ingredients Meghalaya has to offer. 

For far too long, Northeast India had been shut off from the world despite boasting a treasure trove of unique and indigenous herbs and spices. But not anymore. From the high curcumin Zizira Lakadong turmeric powder to the extremely potent Ing Makhir ginger powder, with Zizira you get to experience authentic herbs and spices, and so much more. 



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Ph: +91 8119840256