Black Sticky Rice Photography Contest

How it works

How it Works Black sticky Rice Photography Contest

Post your picture to Zizira’s Facebook page and the one with the highest number of likes wins! Simple! You may post as many pictures as you like but to be fair to everyone, we will consider only one entry (with the highest likes of course).


How we score

The three entries with the highest number of likes! So put on your networking cap and get your friends to like your photograph(s). It’s that easy!!!


So how do you win the Graaaand Prize?

  1. Get Zizira black sticky rice on Amazon and use this claim code for 50% discount CON01BSR  (Last date: 14th May 2016)
    Please note: You purchase of the sticky rice will confirm and validate your entry to the contest
  2. Once the product reaches you, take photographs anyway you like with the Sticky Rice
  3. Post them on Zizira contest page
  4. You can post your entries until 26th May 2016. Any entry after this date will not be accepted.

Final score will be based on the sum of your quiz score + number of likes for your photograph!

This contest is also still valid for those of you who didn’t participate in the Quiz. So even though you didn’t participate, you may yet win the Grand Prize!


What you win!


Grand Prize 7000


First 4000


Second Prize 2000

Good Luck!