Pioneering a Natural Food Company in Northeast India

Pioneering a Natural Food Company in Northeast India

Our Vision

We are making a difference by pioneering new ideas, opening markets for farmers, proving the potential of the people and the land of Northeast India. We being an example, will lead the way to a brighter future for farmers and their families.

The region will become known for producing healthy crops and Northeast farmers will become famous. The people in cities across India wanting what is produced in Northeast India.

Not a charity but an embodiment of holistic sustainability

The Region

Local farmers and the farm lands of Northeast India have much untapped potential. This region is one of the most pristine places in India. The air is pure and water abundant and the land fertile, where diverse crops can grow. The land here is, in most parts, untouched by pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Natural farming is still practised by farmers.

The Challenge

Despite such ideal growing conditions, agriculture has not progressed as much as in other parts of India. On reason is that Northeast India remains remote and isolated.

What we strive for

Zizira being a catalyst in opening markets for locally grown produce, while strengthening traditional family farms or by introducing high-value crops.

How will this help?

As people in India prosper they will have the money to spend on natural food and other products. They will crave better and more diverse products. The demand for unique and healthy products from Northeast India will grow. We will accelerate this demand by building the reputation of the area by selling natural products like dehydrated fruits, nuts, spices, soaps, herbal teas etc. made from produce sourced from the traditional farmers of Northeast India. We will do this through a robust eCommerce platform, without losing sight of celebrating the farmers and the region every step of the way.

Founded from a professional service firm

Learn about our team, our values and the crazy story that kicked off a natural food company.

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What Drives us

At Zizira, we all come to work every day because we want to provide customers with healthy and natural food products. We understand your pain points; how difficult it is to find unadulterated natural food and other products in urban cities. We see how you crave better and natural diverse products. We are here to fulfill your demands for unique and healthy products from Northeast India with reliability and speed.

Our Products are from produce sourced from farmers who practice traditional methods of farming.

Full circle: It’s all about natural and healthy food

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