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Flemingia vestita (Sohphlang) Powder

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Flemingia vestita or Sohphlang, an edible tuber with a nutty flavor is a unique produce of Meghalaya. Rich in phosphorus and protein, this white colored, small and a bit shapeless tuber has a crunchy taste. Zizira’s powdered Sohphlang is ground and processed using natural means without the use of artificial additives or preservatives. Best served with honey and milk as a refreshing shake. Can also be added to juices to make your own health drink.


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Naturally grown sohphlang, a unique nutritive fruit, powdered and packaged. It is believed that regular consumption of sohphlang is good for the stomach and even helps in getting rid of intestinal worms. It is also said to be useful against dysentery and stomachaches. Zizira brings you the goodness of sohphlang in a powdered form. Try this unique product and enjoy the taste. Read more about Sohphlang here…


  • Use sohphlang powder with milk, honey and ice for a refreshing shake
  • Place sohphlang powder and ice in a blender, add sugar or honey. Blend well until smooth and enjoy sohphlang smoothie.

By choosing this product you are directly supporting a better life for farming families in Meghalaya

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Naturally grown produce of Meghalaya. Free from chemical pesticides & fertilizers


Store in a cool dry place


Secured Zip-lock pouches


Free from artificial flavors and preservatives


Anywhere in India

2 reviews for Flemingia vestita (Sohphlang) Powder

  1. 5 out of 5


    I tried this last night. I wanted to get the pure taste of Sohphlang. I mixed one tsp with 4 oz of hot water. It mixed well after stirring for 30 seconds. I loved it. I can’t say it tasted like anything I have had before. In fact there was not much taste. A slight nutty flavor. The drink was creamy and smooth. I wanted to try this product because I flew into India from the USA and my stomach was feeling bloated. I am hoping that drinking Sohphlang daily will help my digestion and adjustment to the food/time change. I am going to keep drinking this all week. Let’s see if I feel more comfortable after 5 days?

    • :

      We were surprised too when we found that the taste of the dried Sohphlang was no different from the raw version. This in itself was a discovery we’re so happy we came across!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I wanted to update my post. While I was in India, I was able to drink the Sohphlang powder added to hot water for more than 10 days. (I completed the bottle) I had no stomach problems the entire time I was in India. I am not claiming it was because of drinking Sohphlang. Just that I felt fantastic during my 3 week stay.

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