High Altitude Green Tea - Organic and Exquisite

Zizira High Altitude Pure Green Tea

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Relish the pureness of this exquisite green tea, handpicked from the tea gardens of Meghalaya, grown at an average elevation of over 6000 ft.  The high altitude and traditional method of cultivation allows the plant to bear more shoots with supple leaves, which further escalates its quality. An elixir that elevates health and wellness, it contains polyphenols and flavonoids, which are rich sources of anti-oxidants. When brewed, it gives out aroma of natural honey and has a delicate texture with pure vegetal flavour.

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What makes Zizira high altitude green tea special?

The high-altitude where it is cultivated slows down its growth rate and provides the tea more time to develop all its complex essence. This gives Zizira green tea the superiority in terms of aroma, colour and flavour. In addition, the perfect union of soil, climate, average temperature, rainfall adds to its speciality and unique taste.

  • Consuming green tea increases the body metabolism by 3-4% and burns out 60-80 calories a day, making it a perfect solution for losing weight.
  • Green tea benefits the body by regulating the glucose level in the body. It lowers the blood sugar level and prevents the development of Type 2 diabetes.
  • It is healthy, low in caffeine and detoxifies your body from impurities.
  • The fresh leaves are dried and steamed at high temperature soon after they are harvested. The steaming process helps retain antioxidant constituents in the tea leaves.

This lush tea gardens, at an elevation of over 6400 feet or 1900 meters, it’s right next to one of Shillong’s most popular tourist spot – The Shillong Peak.

Simple recipe to brew green tea.

  • Bring freshly drawn, cold water, to a boil.
  • When water is almost at a boiling point (just before it starts to bubble) turn off the heat.
  • Allow the water to cool for a minute.
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup to the boiled water.
  • Steep for 2-3 minutes and strain completely into another teapot or directly into the serving cups.

Different flavors for High Altitude Green Tea

Food twinning with green tea:

Zizira high altitude green tea has a subtle sweetness that goes perfectly with mildly seasoned chicken or stir fried food. This tea also complements fruit salads and light creamed pastries. It is a great beverage to consume as a cleanser after a spicy meal.

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