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Meghalaya’s Soap nuts (reetha) | Natural Cleansing Agent 200g

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Soap nuts berry is a natural cleansing agent that grows on trees. The gentle effects it leaves on clothes is one of the reasons why it is highly valued by the traditional rural folks. Using soap nuts leaves your laundry fresh, clean while maintaining the fabric and structure of your clothes naturally for a longer period of time. And the best part is you can use it in the washing machine for washing clothes too all you need to do is just place 6-8 soap nuts in a small pouch of cotton or a sock tied at the top. Place inside the washing machine with your clothes. Suitable for both front & top loading machines.

The team behind making this product are talented, always with their creative head who puts in effort into making things look beautiful using natural methods. We are in the creation of making farmers famous by helping you restore the aesthetic beauty of your clothes keeping in mind that you are saving mother earth.


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More on Meghalaya’s Soap nuts (reetha) | Natural Cleansing Agent

Soap nuts (reetha) naturally produce saponin when agitated in water, saponin is a surfactant agent that cleans the clothes and leave it soft. It acts both as a gentle cleanser and a fabric softener. Gathered from the wild forest of Meghalaya it is grown free from fertilizers and pesticides.

Soap nuts are a perfect substitute for conventional detergents. You can re-use the same soft nuts multiple times until the peel of the nuts come off. Unlike conventional detergent that lasts only for one wash! Why not give it a try, because at the end of every wash you will get your clothes washed leaving it fresh with a natural scent.


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