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Meghalaya’s Beeswax Wood Polish – A Natural Choice!

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Now say goodbye to dusty old furniture with this beeswax wood polish for a brand-new look for the old wood. Just one rub of this smooth polish and good as new again. This Meghalaya’s polish is a fine-quality wood polish based on traditionally maintained beekeeping culture of Meghalaya. It contains no addition of aromatic hydrocarbons or synthetic solvents and is 100% natural. It is easy to use and gives out a pleasant shine on wood.

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Product Description

How to use Meghalaya’s Beeswax Wood Polish?

Step 1: Make sure the surface you plan on waxing is clean. The best way to do that is to use wood polish damp cloth to wipe it, removing any dirt or dust.

Step 2: Apply beeswax wood polish to wood using a cotton cloth to bring out the shine.

Step 3. The main tools of the trade are a decent soft wax application cloth (or a normal soft cloth) and if you want a great finish, consider using a wax brush. Cloths are perfect for flat surfaces, while brushes work better on rough and edgy surfaces.

Step 4. Use the right technique. Too much wax is not a good idea. Apply a small dab of wax on your applicator and apply in three motions – a slow circular motion first, rubbing faster, then complete by waxing along the wood grain. aim to get an even thin layer if possible. You can apply it thinly over the wood surface and if the wood is old and dry you can apply it twice.

Step 5. Apply a second and even a third coat if possible.

Step 6: Allow the wax to dry, but not too long! Ideally aim for 15-20 minutes.

It gives the wood long lasting, durable and natural looking shine.

About Beeswax

The team behind making this product are talented, always with their creative head who puts in effort into making things look beautiful using natural methods. We are in the creation of making farmers famous by helping you restore the aesthetic beauty of old wood products.


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