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Zizira Red Bird’s Eye Chilli- Dried

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Zizira Red Bird’s Eye Chilli is famous for its fiery spiciness and aroma. This batch of Bird’s Eye Chilli is blood red in color and is widely used for coloring purposes in Asian curries, chutneys, salads and soups. Be warned, this chilli isn’t mild, but packs a good punch with a heat range of over 50,000 Scovilles. Begin using it in small amounts and work your way up. You may be pleasantly surprised to see yourself loving the flavor and wanting more!


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More on Zizira Red Bird’s Eye Chilli:

Zizira Red Bird’s eye chili is sourced from farmers who practice natural techniques of farming, without the use of chemical fertilizers. This red birds eye chilli is sorted and handpicked by farmers. it is then allowed to dry naturally under the sun. Once dried, it is kept for storage. The red birds eye chilli can be used in a ground form or in powdered form.

  • Traditionally, this chilli is used for its medicinal properties, to counteract arthritis and rheumatism. It has anti-inflammatory properties that cure flatulence and toothache, reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol level.
  • Sauté this chilli in low flame until it gives out a strong and pungent aroma and then grind into flakes or powdered form and use as a condiment in salads, curries, and chutneys.You can use it for seasoning fish, meat, and vegetables.

How to make dried red chilli paste:

Equipment required: blender, tongs, saucepan, bowl

Ingredient required: Red Bird’s Eye Chilli dried

  • Take 2 cups of freshly drawn water in a saucepan and heat it.
  • Add 6 pieces of Red Bird’s Eye Chillies (whole) into the saucepan and bring the water to boil.
  • Use the tongs to pick the chillies from the hot water and place in a blender.
  • Add water, enough to cover the chillies. Grind to a smooth paste and transfer to a bowl.

Allow the paste to cool before using it.  You can store it in a freezer for future uses.

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