Zizira Wholesome Cashew Nut Spread

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A great way to start the day and curb your cravings. Relish the delicious taste of roasted cashews and creamy texture of salted butter.  Made from wholesome goodness of cashews, it is a healthy nutty butter with zero cholesterol. A popular alternative to traditional peanut butter, it is an excellent source of iron and copper which helps anti-oxidant function and energy production. It is excellent for spreading on toast, baking, or as garnish. Try it!

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Zizira Wholesome Cashew Nut Spread is a natural sweet spread and if consumed in less amount it will help you feel fuller and satisfy your cravings. Rich in proteins, vitamins and unsaturated fats which are known for improving your immune and nervous system.

This cashew butter is made from natural ingredients sourced from the pristine hills of Meghalaya. It has no artificial flavoring or coloring, only natural preservatives!

Nutritional value Wholesome Cashew (per100g)

Moisture (%) 5.9
Protein (g) 21.2
Fat (g) 46.9
Crude fiber (g) 1.3
Carbohydrates (g) 22.3
Energy (kcal) 596
Calcium (mg) 50
Iron (mg) 5.81

How to use Zizira Wholesome Cashew Nut Spread?

  • Use this nutritious cashew butter as a dip or as a spread. Add 2 teaspoon of this butter with 2 teaspoons yogurt and maple syrup and stir it until no lumps remain.
  • Add a teaspoon of this nutty butter to soups for a rich creamy flavor.
  • Use it in salad dressing for a delightful nutty flavor, it works well with tropical fruit salads.
  • A spoonful of cashew nut spread will add protein to your morning smoothie. You can create refreshing and creamy cashew fruit flavored smoothie.


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