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Zizira Bhut Jolokia Red Chilli Flakes (50g)

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  • This is one of Zizira’s signature seasoning chilli flakes made from the hottest chilli pepper the ‘Bhut Jolokia’.
  • Our Bhut Jolokia adds an extremely flavorful and smoky heat. Just a pinch will do to get the best out of any plain food.
  • The chilli flakes has a coarse texture as it is traditionally pounded to preserve its original flavors.
  • It is 100% natural with no artificial flavors and colors and is a pure vegetarian condiment.
  • Our Bhut Jolokia chilli is sourced from the traditional farmers whose fields are fed with pure water that gives most aromatic chillies.

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Product Description

Just your regular hot, hot, hot Bhut Jolokia red chilli flavor to make boring food more interesting and spicy. You only have to sprinkle once to get the hot flavor that you want! This Bhut Jolokia red chilli flakes will easily give the dish a distinct and smoky flavor. The traditional method of pounding the chilli gives it a coarse texture and preserves its authentic flavor. Use it while making gravies, chutneys and curries or you can sprinkle it on soups, pizza, French fries, burgers and any of your favorite food that you would like to fire up.

Our Zizira Bhut Jolokia Red Chilli Flakes is natural and packed in small batches with great care, it has zero artificial flavoring and coloring.

More on Zizira Bhut Jolokia Red Chilli Flakes

Our Zizira Bhut Jolokia Red Chilli Flakes is easy to use and you can add it at any stage of cooking. Just sprinkle some on your favorite snack or dish for a consistent and personalized taste. You can even have it as a spicy handy companion even when you’re travelling. The locally grown traditional Bhut Jolokia chilli gives it the supremacy of distinct heat, flavor, aroma and quality. Make sure to use it in less quantity at first then increase you can always increase the heat level.


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