Meghalaya sweet corn zizira black aztec
Black aztec Zizira sweet corn MeghalayaZizira black aztec sweet corn MeghalayaZizira black aztec sweet corn Meghalaya

Zizira Black Aztec Sweet Corn from Meghalaya

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An ancient heirloom assortment of the Aztecs, this sweet corn variety is grown by the traditional farmers of Meghalaya. Cultured in a fresh ambiance and in cold climate, these delicious corn kernels are dark purple-black in color and sweet to taste. It is a versatile and highly nutritious food, you can eat it fresh or it can be ground to make delicious cornbread. You can also use it for making corn porridge, or fry it along with your favorite veggies or barbeque it and add some lemon zest to it.

Our Black Aztec Sweet Corn has a distinctively sweet and delicious flavor. Consistent in taste and quality this sweet corn is packed hygienically in small batches with great care. It has no added preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavor


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More on Zizira Black Aztec Sweet Corn from Meghalaya

Zizira Black Aztec Sweet Corn from Meghalaya is a glutinous corn rich in dietary fiber, amino acids, calcium, and vitamin. It is nutritious, scrumptious and healthy. The fiber and starch content in each corn kernel makes it easy to digest.

These sweet corns are handpicked at maturity from high quality produce. With no preservatives or coloring, each corn kernels retain the most abundant nutrition of fresh corn.

How to use Zizira Black Aztec Sweet Corn from Meghalaya

  • Boil or steam the corn until it is soft to eat
  • Put it in the microwave and cook for 3-5 minutes on high temperature
  • Cut the corn into sections and cook it with meat or vegetable stew
  • Barbecue the corn
  • DIY threshing the corn to cook after unfreezing

Fast and Easy Recipe with Zizira Black Aztec Sweet Corn from Meghalaya

Ingredients required: 2 Black Aztec Sweet Corn (cut into 6 pieces), 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1/4 teaspoon Zizira Robust Black Pepper, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4cup chopped fresh coriander/cilantro, 1 teaspoon fresh lime


  • Heat the grill to medium heat.
  • Now toss the chopped corn in a bowl. Add the olive oil and add salt and pepper,
  • Place them on the grill, turn these corns occasionally until it is tender (10 to 12 minutes)
  • Transfer the cooked corn to a clean bowl and toss the cilantro and lime juice.
  • Serve it fresh.

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