Zizira calming cedar oil
Zizira calming cedar oilZizira calming cedar oil

Zizira Calming Cedar Oil (15ml)

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Zizira Calming Cedar Essential Oil has a sweet woody aroma and an earthy undertone. It is widely used for aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and nervous tension. The fragrance of fresh cedar oil exudes a delightful comfort and calming effect. Cedar essential oil is also used for cosmetic purposes, as it has a subtle sedating ability that relieves skin irritation and is a natural astringent for cleansing the skin, to reduce acne and oiliness. It also works well on your hair as it relieves scalp irritation, dandruff and reduces hair fall.  Remember, essential oils should not be applied directly on the skin. Mix a few drops in an oil medium or water, based on the usage.


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Zizira Calming Cedar Oil is extracted from the leaves of the cedar tree (Cedrus libani) sourced from the pristine hills of Meghalaya. The fresh herbage is steam distilled using a miniature distillation unit under our surveillance, to ensure the final output is free from impurities. The extracted oil you’ll get has a light-yellow tinge with a strong woody aroma.

  • Cedar oil is widely used for increasing the blood circulation of the body. It also helps in reducing inflammation of arthritis joints and rheumatism. Simply add a few drops of cedar oil with other carrier oil and massage the body.
  • This essential oil can be used for vapor therapy to ease respiratory problems. Add a few drops of Cedar essential oil in a diffuser – it will help you keep your room fresh and ward off insects.
  • It has anti-septic properties that can be used for cleaning wounds and protect the skin against bacteria and toxins. Cedar essential oil is also a natural toner, it can be used for tightening skin tissues.
  • Cedar oil is used for aromatherapy, as its pleasant aroma helps induce a calming effect and relaxes.

Note: Using a high amount of cedar essential oil may irritate your skin. Use small quantities.  Avoid using it during pregnancy.


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