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Zizira Dalle Khursani Chilli Cherry Peppers

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Zizira’s red cherry peppers are widely known as Dalle Khursani chillies “round chillies” in Northeast, India. It has a distinct, pungent aroma and flavor that leaves a tingle on your taste buds. Keeps you wanting more. Each cherry chilli is tart and round with dark red color. It ranks 100,000 to 350,000 heat units in the Scoville chart which is quite similar to the habanero chilies. It is extensively used to make condiments such as chutneys and sauces. Our red cherry peppers are sourced from the traditional farmers of Meghalaya.

This product is pure and natural. Packaged in small batches, Zizira Dalle Khursani Chilli Cherry Peppers has no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservative.

NOTE: Some orders may be delayed as all orders are shipped from Shillong, Meghalaya.


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More on Zizira Dalle Khursani Chilli Cherry Peppers

Dalle Khursani chilli is tiny, almost round cherry shaped. It is bright red when fully ripened. It can be used in fresh form or fermented into a pickle with vinegar and spice. Although these cherry peppers are hot it does not have a burning effect like the other chillies.

It is also the secret behind momo chutneys. Scroll down for the recipe! Dalle Khursani chilli chutney works just as great with burgers, appetizers, and even nachos. It can be used for sauces, gravies, marinades and even barbecue rubs.

Follow the simple steps of the Momo Chutney Recipe:

  • Pick three mid-sized tomatoes and thoroughly wash them
  • Take four large cloves of garlic and chop them in uniform-width pieces
  • Use three of Zizira’s Dalle Khursani chilli whole peppers and make a slight incision on the side of each
  • Now using freshly drawn water, boil the tomatoes, garlic, and chillies until the tomatoes start peeling
  • Once the tomatoes are relatively soft, turn out the heat and strain all the contents. To reduce the amount of liquid, cut out the seeded core of the tomatoes.
  • The final step is to simply grind all of them together with salt to taste and you’re good to go!



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