Zizira fresh wild olive jam
Zizira fresh wild olive jamZizira fresh wild olive jam

Zizira Fresh Wild Olive Fruit Jam

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Taste the fresh and natural wild olives from Meghalaya with this jam. Cooked slowly to perfection, it has a tangy and mildly sweet flavor. The flavors are bright and refreshing, perfect to kick start your day with a healthy jam rich in Vitamin C. Wild olives or ‘soh shang’ grow in the hilly regions of Northeast India. A popular wild fruit in Meghalaya, it is usually eaten fresh and this succulent and juicy fruit has a distinct sour taste. Our wild olive jam is made from the finest and carefully selected wild olive fruits. With the distinctive fine texture, this jam can be used as a filling in croissant and fruit tarts. It works perfectly with cream cheese on burgers, sandwiches, and toast.

This product is natural, handmade and pure. Made in small batches, Zizira Fresh Wild Olive Fruit Jam has no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservative.  It is perfect for vegetarians and it is gluten free. Refrigerate after opening.

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Zizira Fresh Wild Olive Jam is a scrumptious jam for everyone to enjoy. A delicious healthy jam, full of goodness providing you a 100 % natural healthy way to kick start your day. This jam is made from sun-ripened wild olives sourced from the traditional farmers of Meghalaya. It works perfectly well with cheese, crackers and freshly baked bread. Enjoy it as spread on toast, crackers, cheesecake or pancakes or use it for pastry making.

Zizira believes in locally sourced produce of the highest quality. We ensure our Wild olive fruit jam is free from additives, leaving just the untainted taste of natural fruit.


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