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Zizira Gourmet Spice Cheese Seasoning | Use it for seasoning popcorn

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  • We bring to you Zizira’s very own gourmet spice cheese seasoning made for giving you a tasty way of consuming your favourite food.
  • You only have to add a dash of this spicy cheese seasoning for seasoning popcorn, fries or chips and you will get a burst of flavours.
  • This gourmet spice cheese seasoning is a mix of black pepper powder, salt, cherry pepper powder and cheese powder.
  • It is a 100% Natural with no artificial flavour and is a pure vegetarian condiment. You can also use it as the seasoning for soup! Packed in a convenient pet jar which makes it easy and handy to use.
  • The ingredients used in the seasoning has been sourced from farmers of the pristine hills of Meghalaya who practice traditional farming.

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Product Description

If you’re looking for something tasty, aromatic and naturally authentic to enhance your experience with the food that you eat, then you should go this gourmet spice cheese seasoning. Made for multipurpose uses for a magical culinary experience, just use your imagination and creativity for food and add it. The seasoning has a hint of cheese, punch of pepper and kick of cherry pepper. Just natural flavours without added MSG.

You can use this spice cheese seasoning for flavouring popcorn, cooked pasta, fresh fruit or vegetable salad, mashed or baked potatoes, snacks like nachos, chips and crackers. You can also use it to flavour your very own homemade cheese dip or simply use it to sprinkle on hot soups! Read here how long pepper is used in Meghalaya.

It was a lazy Sunday when I was recollecting younger days and was reminded of my grandmother and how she used locally grown herbs and spices to churn up a cure for many ailments!

Grandma knew how to get us kids up, and off to school. As kids we loved holidays. I mean, which kid doesn’t? Any excuse not to go to school is a valid enough reason.  We were no different. Coughs, colds, and stomach-aches were common enough ailments we had, or pretended to have.

Grandma wasn’t easily fooled. She always knew when we needed ‘the medicine’.  That slimy concoction of mustard oil, turmeric powder, black pepper powder, ginger paste and powdered long pepper.

A dessert spoonful of it – yes, a dessert spoonful – would be shoved down our throats.

Voila! Cough, cold, throat problem, gas etc. magically vanished! But boy was it tough to swallow that! School was better. Grandma wasn’t that unkind though; she used to put in a good dose of honey too making it easier to gulp.

As a Zizira explorer, that too born and brought up in Meghalaya, something within pushed me to find out more about Long Pepper that my grandma used!


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