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Zizira High Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder

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Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya produces some of the finest turmeric in the world. The “Lakadong” (curcuma longa) variety and we, at Zizira procure this turmeric directly from the farmers. Lakadong Turmeric Powder has high curcumin content of about 7.94% which makes it a health-watcher’s favorite. Lakadong is known to give bright and inviting color, ready to add great flavor and aroma to your dishes. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The farmers growing this variety of turmeric do not use artificial fertilizers or chemical based pesticides and herbicides.

This product is pure and natural. Packaged in small batches, Zizira High Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder is free from artificial flavoring, coloring or preservative.

NOTE: Some orders may be delayed as all orders are shipped from Shillong, Meghalaya.

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More on Zizira High Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder

Zizira High Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder is an essential spice for the Indian cuisine. It stands out among other turmeric variety due to its high curcumin content.

Turmeric is commonly used in curries, stews, soups, snacks, masalas, seasonings and pickles. Other than cooking itself, turmeric or haldi has found several uses. And the benefits are all the more enhanced because of its high curcumin content as compared to regular turmeric. And since they are grown naturally, you are consuming a product which is absolutely free from pesticides and other chemical impurities.


Use it in rice: A pinch of turmeric brings color and delicate flavor to the simple plain cooked rice.

Use it in beverages: Add a teaspoon of Lakadong haldi powder to 250 ml of water and boil for two to three minutes. Sieve, add honey and lemon and enjoy refreshing turmeric tea. Turmeric in milk and honey to makes an earthy and soothing beverage.

How to make your own Turmeric Tea with Lakadong Turmeric

  • Add 1/4 of a teaspoon to a glass and fill it up with boiling water
  • Add 1/8 of a teaspoon of freshly ground pepper
  • Cover with a lid and let it steep for about 5-6 minutes
  • Strain into your cup and add 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey with a pinch of lemon
  • Put up your feet on your coffee table and relax as you sip!
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Spice or condiment


Naturally grown produce of Meghalaya. Free from chemical pesticides & fertilizers


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Free from artificial flavors and preservatives

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2 reviews for Zizira High Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric Powder

  1. 5 out of 5


    While doing a research study, I came across to know Lakadong Turmeric. Out of curiosity, I purchased a pack and after opening it, I got to know why it is so famous and what is the importance of cucurma content. My mom loved this product.

    • :

      Hi, Enamul! Thank you for writing in, glad to know that our Lakadong turmeric turned up as a great purchase! Even your mom loved it, it’s so good to hear that.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This lakadong turmeric is superb i purchased this with a little bit of hesitation and doubt in mind with the quality of the product.But what i received is of great quality,much better than other available turmeric in has nice aroma color and good taste.thanks to zizira team for such a wonderful product

    • :

      Hi, Amit! Thank you for writing in, glad you love the lakadong turmeric product. Indeed, the turmeric is of good quality! Thank you once again for appreciating our product and service. 🙂

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