zizira honey troops

Zizira Honey Troops

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Honey made special! Try out our range of misty infusion of wild honey with healthy herbs and spices. Taste nature’s bounty itself, a spoonful of sweet magic. A natural sweetener that have been used since the 16th century. It is an extraordinary food source with natural healthy nutrients.

  • This is our range of the finest and delicious honey syrups. Packed in this basket are our best selection of honey infused with spices, herbs and cashew nuts.
  • Honey is a natural remedy for cough, it assist in healing wounds and reduces allergy symptoms.  It is also a whole food diet, an excellent energy booster for the body.
  • These honeys are sourced from farmers who practice natural methods of apiculture. (bee-keeping)

NOTE: Some orders may be delayed as all orders are shipped from Shillong, Meghalaya.

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Zizira Honey Turmeric Pepper Syrup

An epitome of health, honey turmeric is sweet with a peppery flavor. Perfect as a natural remedy for sore throat and cold. Drizzle a little of this delicious honey and add it to your favorite sweet addictions. Enjoy by itself or drizzle on fish, meat, veggies and fruits to relish its goodness. It is also a perfect add-on for tea.

Zizira Natural Honey Nutties

Roasted Cashew-nuts and wild honey! Now that’s something unheard of. Zizira Natural Honey Nutties is a sweet nutty delight could become a craving. Simply take a spoonful of this munchy goody for a Zen-like experience. Try it! You can also use it by itself or add while baking cookies and biscuits. It works well with cereals like corn flakes and buttered toast

Zizira Long Pepper Honey Medley

Taste of delicious honey with the goodness of peppery spice. Smooth yet bold flavors for you to explore. A medley of nature given produce sourced from the pristine hills of Meghalaya. Drizzle or splash this honey on fish, meat, veggies and fruits. It works well with buttered toast, French toast and creamy cheese desserts.

Zizira Sweet & Potent Local Honey

A spice-infused local honey, resonating intense warm flavors. You will experience a kick of heat and sweetness with a lingering aftertaste. It is blended with spice gems like ‘ginger and long pepper’. It is a perfect taste enhancer for teas, desserts and baked goods. Drizzle a little on fruit and vegetable salads or on your favorite ice-cream sundaes.

Zizira Pick-Me-Up Honey Ginger Syrup

A deep warming flavor of ginger with the goodness of natural wild honey! Perfect for any time of the year it is soothing to the throat and delicious. You will love its rich flavor and syrupy texture. Add to tea or plain water for sweetening with flavor. You can add it while baking bread and cookies or serve it with buttered toasts and even pancake.


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