zizira hot bhut jolokia spice blend
zizira hot bhut jolokia spice blendbhut jolokia meghalaya zizira

Zizira Hottest Bhut Jolokia Spice blends (50g)

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  • A signature seasoning blend in our range of Zizira products that is made from the hottest chillies, Bhut jolokia which is at a Scoville unit of 3 million heat units.
  • The spice blend is a mixture of different secret spice that are only found in Meghalaya. These spices are traditionally pounded that are coarse hence preserving authentic flavors and fragrance.
  • You can us this spice seasoning for enhancing the taste and flavor of your favorite food, curries and snacks that you want to consume anytime.
  • It is basically made for the hot spice enthusiast who are willing to try out the different versions of heat variations.
  • This product is 100% natural with no artificial flavors, color and is a vegetarian product.

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Product Description

This natural seasoning blend is a notoriously delicious blend that will make any boring food tasty and it will bring out the best aroma and flavor for your taste buds. Made from the, Bhut jolokia is the hottest chilli pepper and this spice blend will surmount your taste buds with a delicious sting wrap. Use this spice blend with meals that call for a powerful tasty hot blend!

Our hottest Bhut jolokia spice blend is natural, handmade and pure. Made in small batches with great care, it has zero artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives.

More on Zizira Hottest Bhut Jolokia Spice blends

Zizira works with different farmers from Meghalaya and here you can read a story of traditional yet progressive spice farmer of Meghalaya. We have a dedicated team who diligently found a traditional farmer from Dulongnar village, Ri-bhoi Meghalaya. He uses both traditional methods of farming as well as is an influential farmer who is always looking forward to developing the society around him. With his clean, indigenous farming we can tell our customers that the ingredients that went into creating this blend is exclusive and directly sourced from the traditional farmers of Meghalaya.

With this Zizira seasoning blend, we offer you seasoning blends that are flavor-filled, crunchy and tasty snacking selections. You only have to add a dash of these seasoning to any food and it is good to go! Our seasoning blend is a combination of traditional, yet modern creativity of Meghalaya and each buy is worthwhile. Made for enhancing your experience with food, cooking and completed with great care and goodness of nature.

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