Long Pepper Masala Green tea file
Long Pepper Masala Green teaLong Pepper Masala Green teaLong Pepper Masala Green tea

Zizira Long Pepper Green Masala Tea

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  • Detoxifying green tea, with a special spice
  • Delivers potent strength of green tea and long pepper
  • Stress buster, cold & cough reliever
  • Long pepper slow roasted and powdered, to retain freshness and aroma
  • Delicious

Green masala tea is a blend of fresh green tea and potent long pepper spice. The vibrant flavor and aroma of long pepper deliver a captivating tingle to your taste buds. A calming and revitalizing blend that will help keep your mind focused with each sip.

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Our Masala tea is full-bodied, bold with the warm, spicy flavors of long pepper. A tempting medley of the Indian long pepper, blended to perfection with green tea. An interesting flavor for an early morning or an afternoon tea time.

Our teabags contain the same high-quality tea as our loose-tea offerings. Each tea-bags gives the leaves plenty of room to unfurl and infuse, placing more flavor in each cup. Relish the fine flavor of gourmet tea with the convenience of a disposable bag.


Blended with the finest green tea and long pepper from Meghalaya. All natural, with no additives, coloring or flavoring. Simply the real taste of nature itself!


According to legends of Shen Nung tea entered history as a medicine and not a beverage. Archaeological evidence also suggests tribes along the southwest China and the present northern borders of its neighbors India, Burma, Laos and Vietnam, consumed tea with other plants, seeds and barks as remedies.

From olden times, we find constant mention of how Meghalaya’s tribal folks had no access to modern medicines. The only natural and simple way to get rid of ailments was them resorting to herbal spices to stay healthy! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cure common ailments using long pepper.


Strong notes of long pepper marked by undertones of green tea.


Delightful and light with a note of heat that comes from long pepper, which appears early and dominates the tea all the way to the end. The green tea lends a gentle sweetness.

Nutritional facts of Zizira Long Pepper Green Masala Tea (per100g)

Moisture (%) 0.65
Protein (g) 0.44
Fat (g) 0.02
Crude fibre (g) 0.79
Carbohydrate (g) 0.85
Calcium (mg) 54.84
Iron (mg) 0.83


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