Zizira Mixed Chilli Hot Pepper Flakes (50g)

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  • This mixed spice blend is a combination of two hot chilli pepper the Bhut Jolokia and bird’s eye chilli. It has the combo flavor of these two distinct chillies.
  • Our spice blend complements a wide range of delicious food and you can add it in any plain food to give it the flavor you desire. You can also use it with other spices or seasoning blends to get the best taste out of it.
  • The chilli flakes has a coarse texture as it is traditionally pounded to preserve its original flavors.
  • It is 100% natural with no artificial flavors and colors and is a pure vegetarian condiment.
  • Our Bhut Jolokia and bird’s eye chillies are sourced from the traditional farmers whose fields are fed with pure water that gives most aromatic chillies.

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Product Description

Are you a hot pepper enthusiast looking for the right seasoning blend that you will not disappoint you? Then you are looking at one right now! This is the hot quintessential chilli seasoning blend customized especially to suit your taste buds. Undeniably spicy, our seasoning blend is made for spice lovers who are ready to take their heat tolerance to the next level! Traditionally grown in Meghalaya our chillies has the supremacy in terms of flavor, heat, aroma and quality. Sprinkle this seasoning on pizza, chaat, soup, salads, grills or use it as a marinade coating on meat and poultry.

Our Zizira Mixed Chilli Hot Pepper Flakes is natural and packed in small batches with great care, it has zero artificial flavoring and coloring.

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Our Zizira mixed chilli hot pepper flakes are perfectly blended and customized for the hot pepper fanatics. This mixed chilli blend is extremely hot which is it is advisable to use it with caution and keep away from kids. Make sure to use it in less quantity at first then increase you can always increase the heat level. It is made of 100 % naturally and traditionally grown condiments that will spice up any meal.


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