Zizira Mixed Pepper Spice
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Zizira Mixed Pepper Spice

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Tired of eating bland food? Here is something to please your spicy yearnings! Zizira introduces you an assortment of aromatic spices. A masterpiece of intriguing flavors with Black pepper, Szechuan Pepper, and Piper longum, this mixed pepper spice is sure to pack a punch that suits your favorite Indian cuisine. Szechuan pepper, known for its unique mouth numbing sensation, opens your taste bud and enhances the flavor. Along with it, you will get the heat of Black pepper and Piper longum. Use it for seasoning soups, curries, chicken broths and veggie salads. Try it yourself and experience the intense escapade.


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Zizira Mixed Pepper Spice is made from ingredients sourced from the traditional farmers of Meghalaya who implement natural methods of cultivation. Each of these spicy ingredients is handpicked at maturity and sun-dried before storage. These dried spices are then processed into fine powder and mixed together without the use of artificial coloring or additives.

Nutrition value of Zizira Mixed Pepper Spice (per100g)

Moisture (%) 10.9
Protein (g) 7.51
Fat (g) 6.08
Crude fiber (g) 13.67
Carbohydrates (g) 24.54
Energy (kcal) 165
Calcium (mg) 396.81
Iron (mg) 25.35

Source: National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad

Why choose Zizira Mixed Pepper Spice?

  • Black pepper: The flavor of the black pepper stimulates the taste buds with heat level just pungent enough to alert the stomach for more hydrochloric acid production which improves digestion. It is a natural carminative that can give relief from flatulence.
  • Szechuan pepper: The citrus peppery flavor of this spice opens up your taste buds helping them invite more flavors of food. A favorite among the local chutney lovers of Meghalaya. It is also widely used as a traditional medicine to get relief from abdominal pain and toothache, as it contains anti-spasmodic properties.
  • Piper longum: Flavor of this spice is similar to that of black pepper with more heat and earthiness. It helps burn excess fats from the body and is an excellent tonic for lungs and cures a sore throat.

Each of these spices has a number of health benefits that you can easily take benefit of from Zizira’s Mixed Pepper Spice, as they are all clubbed in one! This is sure to become a sought-after, unique ingredient in your spice cabinet.

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