Zizira pure megha turmeric

Zizira Pure Megha Turmeric Powder

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Turmeric is one of the key ingredients in Indian curries, used for its flavor and food coloring properties. The health benefits of using turmeric is increasingly being recognized. Zizira’s Megha turmeric is a good quality turmeric from the Northeast of India with high curcumin content, which gives it powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. Its earthy flavor is refreshing. The Indian kitchen is incomplete without the yellow tinge of turmeric powder as it is added in many dishes including yellow rice, roasted chicken, veggies, gravies, plain dal and fish curries. It is also added for coloring purpose while preparing mustard and mayonnaise.

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More on Zizira Pure Megha Turmeric Powder:

Megha turmeric powder is sourced directly from the farmers who practise traditional methods of farming. Zizira brings you this exclusive Megha turmeric, grown in the lush green terrain of Ri-Bhoi district in Meghalaya, right to your doorsteps, making it possible for everyone to benefit from its goodness.

The turmeric is processed and allowed to dry naturally in the form of slices. The carefully dried slices are processed by Zizira to make the powder. The golden yellow colour you will see is totally nature given, without the use of artificial coloring or added chemicals.

  • The turmeric powder gives an earthy aroma that is perfect for any classic Indian and Middle Eastern curries.
  • It is cultivated using years of traditional farming methods and processed with excellent hygiene.
  • It has long storage life, preserving its flavour.
  • It can be used as a beauty aid too by making a thick fresh paste and applying on the skin. It is a natural anti-oxidant and helps get soft acne- free skin and prevents facial hair growth. It may leave a slight yellow tinge on the skin. So, start by using small quantities and test your comfort level.
  • The turmeric paste can be mixed with coconut oil for treating fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. It also acts as a remedial antiseptic disinfectant for small cuts.
  • Use it to make homemade Kumkum by adding lime juice to the paste for deep red colour and allowing it to dry naturally.

Spice snippet:

Turmeric is a super spice that has multipurpose use. It can be made into turmeric tea with added flavors from grated ginger, lemon zest etc. You can add a tea spoon of sugar or honey to turmeric tea for sweetening it. You can make a healthy lassi or smoothie by adding turmeric powder to it. It can be used as face mask to reduce acne, scars and dark circles.


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