Zizira all purpose seasoning bbq rub
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Zizira All-Purpose Seasoning BBQ Rub

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  • Zizira brings to you yet again another all-purpose seasoning BBQ rub which is a blend of dried natural spices of Northeast India.
  • This BBQ rub seasoning is a spice blend that can be used to enhance the flavours of stews, baked and roasted meat delicacies, it is Meghalaya’s very own meat masala.
  • Star anise is one of the spices that will open up your taste-buds so that you can relish the pungent flavors of cardamom and cinnamon.
  • We have created this seasoning powder to blissfully hit your taste buds with just enough heat for some zesty experience.
  • It is 100% natural with no artificial flavours and colours and is a pure vegetarian condiment.

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Here is Zizira’s all-purpose seasoning BBQ rub, you can also call it Meghalaya’s meat masala.  Made from the finest secret seasoning spices that have been sourced from traditional farmers of Meghalaya. With star anise as one of the ingredients, it opens up your taste buds so that you can enjoy the distinct flavours of cinnamon and cardamom. Use this seasoning powder to enhance the flavours of stewed, baked and roasted meat delicacies. These are a variation of four all-purpose bbq rub customized with different heat levels that fit your taste buds. We have one made with the cherry chilli pepper, the Thai chilli, and the infamous Bhut Jolokia chilli. You can go ahead and try the one you can tolerate the most!

Our team of explorers met a cinnamon lady farmer of Mawtnum, Meghalaya. She took the team around her field where both fruits and spices grow. She was happy to share her knowledge and experiences. The cinnamon saplings grew on their own, in Duh ‘s farm and soon they turned to trees.

Our all-purpose seasoning BBQ rub is natural, handmade and pure. Made in small batches with great care, it has no artificial flavoring, colouring, and preservatives.

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