zizira raw honey mynriah meghalaya
zizira raw honey mynriah meghalayahoney comb raw honey mynriah meghalaya

Zizira Raw Honey from Mynriah Meghalaya

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  1. Zizira Raw Honey from Mynriah is exclusively sourced from beekeepers of Mynriah, Meghalaya.
  2. It’s honey comb or beeswax is edible and golden rich in colour.
  3. It is naturally sweet, making it a perfect compliment to breakfast.
  4. It has all the medicinal benefits of raw honey; hence we keep it in its purest form.
  5. Raw honey can be used as a substitute of sugar for diabetic patients.

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More on Zizira Raw Honey from Mynriah Meghalaya

Raw honey from Mynriah Meghalaya, is natural and pure, with no artificial sweeteners. Golden in colour with all the benefits of good honey.  Uncooked and unheated the honeycomb that comes with this raw honey is soft and delicate, hence making it easier to munch on. This honey hails from Mynriah, a village in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya.

This natural honey from Mynriah Meghalaya is produced in hives where bees collect pollen from a field which includes Arabica coffee flowers. It is perfectly sweet and has no additives or flavours. Apart from the necessary B, C, D, E vitamins, raw honey’s antibiotic properties can clean blood vessels and aids in digestion.


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