zizira spice frenzy

Zizira Spice Frenzy

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Satisfy your spicy yearnings with tasteful spices from Meghalaya. Zizira brings you a range of special concoctions for your spicy needs. This gift basket is an assortment of unique spices from the pristine hills of Meghalaya. A gift basket that resonates our vision- from the farmers to your kitchen cabinet.

  • Make this year’s Christmas season flavorful and merrier with our indulgent bold spices. Packed in an ethnic basket, a gift that brings out the feeling of tradition.
  • These spices have been sourced from farmers who implement natural methods of farming.
  • Each spice has a bold and aromatic flavor with a pack of punch that suits the Indian cuisine.

NOTE: Some orders may be delayed as all orders are shipped from Shillong, Meghalaya.

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Zizira Ground Ginger Spice

Savor the spicy pungent aroma and taste of ginger filled with warm-sweet flavor. A versatile spice that is subtle to taste, it is a perfect seasoning spice for most Asian dishes. This ginger powder is made from fresh ginger sourced from farmers who practice traditional methods of farming. It is also known for its universal medicinal properties, consuming this spice can benefit your health and wellness.

Zizira Mixed Pepper Spice

A symphony of flavors, this is a perfect seasoning spice with all things peppery. Bold and aromatic, with a mix of Black pepper, Szechuan Pepper and Piper longum. These dry spices are sourced from farmers who practice traditional methods of farming. The Szechuan pepper opens up your taste bud and enhances the flavor and heat of Black pepper and Piper longum. Try it yourself and experience the intense escapade.

Zizira Ginger and Garlic Powder

A classic ginger-garlic spice for the Asian kitchen! Blended with the goodness of both, the distinct tang of ginger and the pungent flavor of garlic cloves. An excellent spice for your cooking escapades. Zizira Ginger and Garlic Powder is made from natural produce sourced directly from local farmers of Meghalaya.

Zizira Robust Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper is known as the “king of spices” for its distinctive aroma and intense warm taste. It adds a spicy, deep flavor to any bland food. Try it and see for yourself! Zizira Robust Black Pepper Powder is made from pepper corns sourced directly from framers of Meghalaya who grow them naturally. This spice is strong as it is allowed to ripened before being picked for drying.


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