Zizira cinnamon spice cake mix
Gourmet spice cake mix egglessSpice cake gourmet spice eggless

Zizira Sweet Spice Cake Mix Gourmet (Eggless)

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  • Experience the enriched flavor of cinnamon and cardamom that not only enhance your taste buds but also give you the flavor that you want for your cake!
  • This spice cake mix is Zizira’s latest food venture and is a perfect condiment for your kitchen pantry.
  • It is a perfect spice cake premix that can be used for baking rich chocolate cakes, pastries, cookies, even bread rolls and buns.
  • The texture of the spice cake mix is smooth so expect no lumps in your cake mix. It is a vegan food that is 100% vegetarian and gluten free.
  • The ingredients used in this product has been sourced from the traditional farmers of Northeast India.

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Perfect for the festive season this spice cake mix is so good that you do not need to wait for auspicious occasions. You can eat cake every day with the help of this cake mix, customized to make it easy for everyone to bake their favourite dessert. You can add this to flavour light, moist chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies, cream fudge, bread rolls and the list just goes on.

Our team of explorers met a cinnamon lady farmer of Mawtnum, Meghalaya. She took the team to her field where both fruits and spices grow. She was happy to share her knowledge and experiences. The cinnamon saplings grew on their own, in Duh ‘s farm and soon they turned to trees.

Our Sweet Spice Cake Mix Gourmet is natural, handmade and pure. It is made in small batches with great care and it has no artificial flavouring, colouring, and additives.


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