Zizira Tamarillo Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
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Zizira Tamarillo Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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A striking, scorching sauce with an inescapable heat! Made from the hottest Ghost peppers and citrus Tamarillo fruit. It has a delightful and refreshing citrusy taste with a distinct spicy flavor. Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce brings out the flavor of any food while adding a sizzling punch that simply stands out.  Use as a topping or a dip for chicken nuggets, cheesy pizza, and veggie burgers.


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Zizira Tamarillo Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce has a never-ending heat and is hotter than Tabasco. Rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it can help boost your body metabolism for hours, which in turn can help with weight management and the prevention of obesity. It also raises levels of an appetite-suppressing hormone, which lowers your intake of calories.

No artificial flavoring or coloring, just natural preservatives! This sauce is made from natural ingredients sourced from the pristine hills of Meghalaya. It is suitable for vegetarians and is a gluten free product.

How to use Zizira Tamarillo Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce?

  • Use it as a marinade for meat, veggies, and seafood. It is also a delicious BBQ sauce if you like spicy heat!
  • Add it to dips like Guacamole and Salsa, to add a new twist. Or use it as a dip by itself for tacos, burritos, fried chicken, and bacon.
  • Its explosive flavor can be used as a seasoning sauce for curries, broths, and soups.

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