zizira traditional khasi curry spice
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Zizira Traditional Khasi Curry Spice | Turmeric and black pepper Seasoning

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  • Zizira presents you the traditional Khasi curry spice that truly represents the indigenous cuisine of Meghalaya.
  • Made from the infamous Lakadong turmeric curcumin, Meghalaya’s black pepper seasoning, and other secret spice ingredients.
  • This traditional Khasi curry spice is for folks who want convenience and flavors at the same time. Customized in such a way to make it easy to use.
  • This product is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free food. It has no additives, preservatives and coloring.
  • Our traditional Khasi seasoning is handmade with exceptional care and packaged in small batches.

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More on Zizira Traditional Khasi Curry Spice

Don’t you just love exotic food! Now you can also make them, with Zizira Traditional Khasi Curry Spice from Meghalaya, you can cook your very own Khasi cuisine. The essence of turmeric and pepper is enhanced with the flavours of other natural ingredients that have been used to create this product. Made for the culinary food enthusiasts who love to create an experience of their own.

Our team of explorer’s travel all over Jaintia Hills to work together with Lakadong turmeric farmers from green and remote villages. Anyone who visited these villages could clearly see how important the turmeric is to the farmers of this region. Everywhere you go, you will definitely come across houses that are filled with heaps of turmeric in their front yard, set for drying under the sun! Here is what a 70-year-old lady farmer of Jaintia Hills shared with our explorer’s team, “I grow turmeric all by myself. After curing and processing, I then take my turmeric to the market and sell. I am continuing what our ancestors have been doing, and that is growing turmeric”. She has her own fascinating lore and traditional method for growing Lakadong turmeric.

 This Khasi traditional curry spice is definitely a super spice that you want to keep in your kitchen cabinet. Multipurpose functioning all you need is a teaspoonful of this condiment to flavour up your favourite dishes.


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