Zizira Indigenous Unpolished Khasi Red Rice

Zizira Indigenous Unpolished Khasi Red Rice

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Zizira brings Red Rice from the fertile land of Meghalaya. Red Rice is believed to be the ancestor of plain white rice. Zizira Indigenous Unpolished Khasi Red Rice has a pleasant aroma and unique earthy flavor. It has a great inviting look with its beautifully patterned red color with soft texture. Red Rice consists of anthocyanins a compound the gives the rice its red color. Red Rice was believed to be used for coloring purpose as it spreads its color to other dishes when cooked together. A perfect substitute for white rice, get ready for the unique flavor.

Our unpolished red rice is packaged in small batches with great care. It is a natural product with no artificial coloring, additives, and preservatives.

NOTE: Some orders may be delayed as all orders are shipped from Shillong, Meghalaya.


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Savor the highly nutritive rice, rich in fiber with a much stronger taste compared to its white counterpart. During early 800 A.D Red Rice was an important part of Chinese medicine, believed to help several health issues naturally such as increased blood flow and improved digestion. It is said to help in lowering bad cholesterol. It is an excellent source of Iron. It is also believed to have anti-oxidant properties. It is also believed to improve the of the skin.

Red rice contains more of the natural bran than white rice. It is unpolished and retains the bran and germ which contains several essential nutritional components. Therefore, this rice requires a longer cooking time and has a nuttier more complex flavor.


  • Use it as any regular rice, just boil or steam red rice
  • Use it as a side dish or try mixing it with your salads and dishes to give a great visual appeal and taste to your palate

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg

Short grained red rice


Cereal grain


Naturally grown produce of Meghalaya. Free from chemical pesticides & fertilizers


Secured Zip-lock pouches


Free from artificial flavors and preservatives. Gluten free


7-14 days from confirmation of order


Anywhere in India


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