Zizira untainted natural mustard honey 250g
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Zizira Untainted & Natural Mustard Honey

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  • 100% Pure & Natural Honey from Northeast India
  • Sourced from a progressive beekeeper from Khetri, Assam
  • It has all the natural benefits of raw honey
  • Our honey is free from artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives
  • Packaged in small batches with great care

Zizira untainted and natural mustard honey is produced in the hives of bees collecting pollen from a field full of mustard flowers. Sourced directly from the traditional farmers of Khetri, Assam. It has a rich and mild texture with hints of mustard flowers. It has a light-yellow tinge with a soft texture that rolls on your tongue.

Note: Do not feed honey to kids under 3 years of age.


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Product Description

More on Zizira Untainted & Natural Mustard Honey

Zizira Untainted & Natural Mustard Honey is one of our assorted honey produced by honey collecting nectar from only mustard flowers (uni-floral honey). It has a light, mild taste with a smooth texture. (Note: Our Honey need not be refrigerated after opening)

Use our Natural Honey as drizzle on fruit salads,  cereals and ice creams or use it as a spread on buttered bread toast. You can also use it as glaze for fried veggies or on meat and poultry.

We at Zizira are always looking for ways to provide our customers with locally sourced produce of the highest quality. We also ensure that our mustard honey is free from additives, leaving just the pure taste of natural honey.

Nutritional fact of Zizira Untainted & Natural Mustard Honey (per100g)

Moisture (%) 20.9
Protein (g) 0.3
Crude fiber (g) 0.83
Carbohydrate (g) 79.5
Calories (Kcal) 319
Minerals (g) 0.2
Calcium (mg) 5
Iron (mg) 0.7

*Figures based on calculated value (Ref:NIN)

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