Zizira’s Explosive Chilli Combo – Bhut Jolokia, Bird’s Eye Chilli & Cherry Pepper

Try out the wildly notorious Bhut Jolokia which is guaranteed to make you perspire profusely the moment you pop open the container! Use in measured amounts in your curries. We recommend cutting into thin slices and then adding to your dishes. Do NOT use more than a few slices to begin with.

The Bird’s Eye Chilli is designed to give you a quick “bite” the moment you take a nibble. Expect nothing else. It is a good addition to salads and curries as well.

The Cherry Pepper on the other hand is pretty much between the Bhut Jolokia and the Bird’s Eye Chilli in terms of heat, pungency and aroma.

Use extreme caution when using these chilli peppers. Keep out of reach of children.

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Product Description

Northeast India is blessed with a rich biodiversity which gives credence to its abundant flora. It’s flora falls on many categories including medicinal plants, food crops, cash crops and yes, spices! And of the many spices that adorn the region, the chillies stand out the most. First and foremost is the notorious Bhut Jolokia followed by the high-demand Bird’s Eye Chilli. Lastly, there’s the Cherry Pepper, which is a little known chilli outside of the region. The taste (read heat level) and aroma rivals that of the Bhut Jolokia but with a difference to its bite.

Each variety of these spices are highly regarded by chilli addicts and a favorite with the housewives of the region. They are not just spicy but carry their own brand of fragrance and aroma. The Bhut Jolokia for instance, carries a distinct pungent and spicy aroma which greatly enhances the flavor of your curries and chutneys. Similarly, the Bird’s Eye Chilli is a very good addition to any salad.

Please note that each of these chillies must be regarded with utmost care and respect. Special care must be take to NOT handle Bhut Jolokia and Cherry Peppers with your bare hands. In fact, in case of the Bhut Jolokia, please remember that anything (spoons, forks, tongs, knives) that comes in contact with it will carry the same bite.

How to use Zizira’s chillies

Bhut Jolokia: Using tongs and a sharp knife, cut into thin slices and add to your dishes. For a dish meant for four people, you shouldn’t use more than ¼ of one pepper.

Bird’s Eye Chilli: These can be used whole or pounded into flakes and used as is. Do NOT use more than 5 – 6 for a dish meant for 4 people.

Cherry Pepper: Using tongs and a sharp knife, cut into thin slices. Add up to ½ of one pepper for a dish meant for 4 people.

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