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  • Bird’s eye chillies are common chillies of India. They are hot but decent enough to be used regularly in Indian meals.  

    They are grown organically widely in Meghalaya and provide great taste to your meals.

    In March the field is made ready, by clearing and burning the foliage and in April the field is ploughed and the seeds planted.

    By June the saplings are ready to be transplanted. September is the month that the bird’s eye chilli is ready for harvesting! All of the six months, that is all. Extra hands are hired only during the planting and harvesting months.

    Bird’s Eye Dry chilli grows in plenty in Northeast India. It is called ‘sohmynken khnai’ in the local Khasi language, the literal translation is ‘mouse chilli’, because of the small size.

    It is also known as Thai pepper. It falls in the list of world’s hottest chillies with the hotness of 50,000 to 100,000 heat units.

    Some say the Bird’s Eye Chilli gets this name from the fact that chilli seeds look similar to the eyes of a bird. It is also said that it is called Bird’s eye chilli because birds widely spread the chilli seeds across different regions. It grows in North East India and in some parts of Kerala where it is known as Kanthari Mulaka.

    This chilli is hot and pungent. It uplifts the delicacy of a dish by adding a certain zing, colour, and flavour to it. Bird’s eye chilli is high in Capsaicin which creates its primary taste.


    Bird’s eye chillies come in different colours, including vibrant red, green, yellow, and orange. Sometimes, you will also find black or purple varieties of these peppers.

    Bird’s eye chillies are on the slightly milder side, because of this you will be able to taste some subtle flavours, not just the heat. With every bird’s eye chilli, you will get hints of fruit-like flavours. If you taste a bird’s eye while it is still green, it will taste extra sour and citrusy while the dried flakes are a little pungent.

    What is Special About Bird’s Eye Chilli?

    Known as the 'little red devil', as the name suggests, adding this chilli into anything you cook will give it an overwhelming punch. On the Scoville scale, the rate between 50,000 and 100,000 Scoville units. They are hot but decent enough to be used regularly in Indian meals. It is grown traditionally by the farmers of Meghalaya.

    The extra mile we take to ensure we provide the best-

    Our team travels to the most isolated and remote villages to source the best ingredients. We make sure that the ingredients we use in our products come straight from the farmers and beekeepers who make an effort in providing us with the purest and highly genuine produce. These are a few ways how we ensure the purity of our products:

    • Knowing where our ingredients come from: We deeply care about where each and every ingredient we use comes from. Over the years our team has been able to build up relations with the ethical farmers and beekeepers of Meghalaya and what is important is that we give importance to providing pure and safe products to our customers.
    • Evaluation of ingredients: To provide our customers with the best products, we make sure to select the absolute best ingredients with maximum quality. Both our team and our farmer partners share the same mission and we prioritize on the long-term health of the land. The land is free from all unwanted artificial additives such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides resulting in safe and pure ingredients.
    • Product safety: In the processing of food, we are aware of hazards that can creep in. We do not take chances with any kind of hazard – physical, chemical, or biological. We take every necessary precaution to control them at every critical point in our food processing facility. That is what we are doing with every new harvest of each and every ingredient that we use.
    • Credible, Safe and Wholesome: We follow a similar process for all of Zizira's products. Credible, high standard quality maintenance without excuses. We understand that the choices we make and who we work with, partner with, what and how we serve can make a difference. We believe that our continued effort and diligent work will contribute to the health of our customers, to the prosperity of the farmers as they revive and regenerate traditional farming practices.
  • Health Benefits

    Capsaicin is a chemical compound that helps to heal stomach ulcers and indigestion. It helps in controlling flatulence. Bird’s eye chilli also keeps blood pressure and cholesterol level in check. There are traditional remedies for arthritis pain which use a bird’s eye chilli. Eating this chilli increases the metabolism rate and hence helps in weight-loss. It is also used to treat bruises and swelling by some people.

    Hot Chilli Peppers are known to have the following health benefits.

    • Helps in losing weight: Hot peppers contain Capsaicin which can speed up metabolism and help the body burn calories faster. This is because Capsaicin increases your body temperature and contributes to an increase in your heart rate. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who eat spicy foods eat smaller portions which can reduce their calories intake.
    • Good for heart: Known to help to improve heart health by improving the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots. Research has shown that low-density cholesterol (LDL or bad cholesterol) resisted oxidation for a longer period of time (which can clog your arteries) when chilli was added to the diet, thus reducing the heart stroke risk. The capsaicin in peppers also fights inflammation, which has been identified as a risk factor for heart disease. Additionally, statistics show that cultures that eat spicy foods frequently have a much lower rate of heart attack and stroke.
    • Improved circulation: Can promote good circulation, and they appear to lower blood pressure. Your body’s temperature is raised; therefore, it increases your blood flow and gets your heart pumping. Peppers help strengthen the blood vessel walls as they are high in vitamin A and C.
    • Anticancer: Many studies have shown that regular consumption of chillies decreases the risk of cancer. Capsaicin slows the growth of cancer cells and in some cases, even causes the cancer cells to die off without harming the surrounding cells. In countries where diets are traditionally high in capsaicin like India and Mexico, people tend to have lower rates of some cancers.
    • Improved digestion: Spices also improve your digestion because they increase the hydrochloric secretion of your stomach. This, in turn, will increase blood flow to the stomach and even increase the mucous lining. Capsaicin also helps to kill bacteria like H. pylori and help to prevent or cure stomach ulcers.
    • Cold and flu: Capsaicin promotes sweating and eases the discomfort of cold and flu symptoms. It also helps to open up the nasal passages. It may also reduce sinusitis and other flu symptoms.
    • Improved Sleep Pattern: Researchers have found that people who regularly consumed spicy meals fell asleep more easily. They also woke up easier and had more energy throughout the day.
    • Mood lifter: Chili peppers boost the level of endorphins and serotonin that dulls pain and give us a feeling of well being. It can act as a depression fighter and a powerful stress reliever.
    • Improves breathing: Hot peppers act as an expectorant, therefore they can help people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, sinusitis, and other respiratory conditions breathe easier. Hot peppers can help you to breathe better by opening up clogged nasal passages.
  • How Will You Use the Bird’s Eye Chill

    Bird’s eye chilli powder can be used for any curry-based dishes and give them a hot spicy punch

    • Make your buttermilk more interesting by adding finely chopped chilli pieces to it
    • North-East style pickle –Preserve the chillies in Mustard oil and experience the taste of pickle getting better each day for years


    Chicken salad recipe Ingredients:
    • 1 cup green leafy vegetables (Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, coriander etc.)
    • 1 bowl of chopped boiled French beans
    • 1 cup chopped capsicum
    • ½ cup chopped onion or chives
    • 1 tablespoon of bird’s eye chilli flakes
    • 1 cup of mashed potato
    • 1 cup of chicken shredded
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • Salt to taste


    1. Start by making your very own homemade mashed potato. Place the peeled potatoes in a large saucepan and add enough water to cover them. Bring the water to boil, cover the lid and cook for 20 mins. Check if the potatoes are soft and break apart easily when pressed with a fork. Drain the water and let the potatoes cool. Mash with a potato masher until there are no lumps and the texture is smooth and soft.
    2. Blanch fresh green beans by taking a large saucepan of boiling water. Add the beans and cook for 4 minutes or until the beans are crisp and tender. Cut them into small pieces.
    3. Take another saucepan with 2 cups of water and add the chicken breast into it. Bring it to boil. Cook on medium heat; simmer until the chicken meat is no longer pink. Allow the chicken to cool, place in a bowl and shred the meat using a fork.
    4. Now you can add vegetables of your choice. But, for this unique chicken salad recipe, cut a handful of capsicum and onions or chives. Take a chunk of green leafy vegetables – for this, you can use lettuce, spinach, cabbage and coriander – and roughly chop them.
    5. Add chilli flakes to it. You can always reduce the quantity according to your palate for spiciness and heat.
    6. For the dressing – mix vigorously a tablespoon of olive oil and salt
    7. Toss the salad till the dressing and the ingredients are mixed well and serve fresh.
Try out this easy recipe. Unleash your creativity in choosing what goes into the salad and its dressing. Innovate and enjoy every crunch!

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