Bird's Eye Chilli Powder

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Do you like your delicacies spicy, and flavourful? Well, then what’s better than to leverage a dash of Zizira's amazing red chilli powder to entice your taste buds? If you're looking for a spicy red chilli powder then Zizira's Bird's Eye Chilli Powder is the very thing you're searching for!

The Bird's Eye Chilli is a pepper variant from the species Capsicum annuum commonly found in the Southeast Asian continent. This spicy spice finds production in India majorly in Meghalaya, Assam, and Kerala. Apart from spicing up your taste buds, this chilli has tremendous health benefits as well, contrary to the popular belief.

Are you excited to learn more about this red chilli powder? We will stave off your curiosity in a while. And, if you are planning to buy eye chilli powder online, Zizira is your one-stop destination. Zizira brings to you an excellent range of bird’s eye chilli products that are eco-responsible sourced, in their purest, raw form.

What is Mizo Bird’s Eye Chilli?

The Mizo Bird’s Eye Chilli is a variety of Bird’s Eye Chilli which grows in one of India's remotest districts along the Myanmar border in Siaha, Mizoram. It is small, about half an inch in length greenish in colour before ripening, and becomes bright red when ripe. Some say Bird’s Eye Chillies get their name from the fact that the shape of these chillies looks like the eyes of a bird. Mizo Bird's Eye Chillies have been accorded a Geographical Indication (GI) tag of their own.

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