Black Cardamom

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Black cardamom is also known as badi elaichi or kali elaichi is a very popular spice that is found mostly in every Indian kitchen. Although its name suggests black, the pods are often dark brown to chestnut brown in colour. This spice has always been loved by chefs for the bold and smoky flavour that it gives to savoury dishes.

The intense aroma and flavour of black cardamom puts this spice in the 'warming spice category' along with black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cumin seeds combined together forming a very famous Indian spice mix- “Garam Masala”.

Zizira’s black cardamom is naturally and traditionally grown by our farmer partners from Meghalaya who have put in the effort to provide you with high-quality spices that you can use in your daily cooking.

Note: This product is brought to you from the farms, unprocessed, and in its purest form.


What Is the Shelf-life of Black Cardamom?

Health Benefits of Black Cardamom

How to use Black Cardamom?

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