Earthy Tropical Green Tea | 100g

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  • Earthy Tropical Green Tea is more than just green tea. It is green tea with roselle that adds the citrus and tangy essence while turmeric adds earthiness to each sip of this tea.

    The ingredients when combined along with a hint of ginger creates a soothing green tea for your everyday needs.

    Turmeric and Roselle (hibiscus) both have anti- inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants that creates natural healing from within.

  • Benefits of Using Earthy Tropical Green Tea

      1. Drinking a cup of this tea during the day cools down your body temperature
      2. Having Roselle (hibiscus) as an ingredient is known to help lower blood pressure
      3. The presence of turmeric in this tea helps prevent several illnesses

    How to Use Earthy Tropical Tea?

      1. Tea Lovers know the value of infusing the ingredients in hot water. Depending on your liking, you can decide the duration of steeping the tea. If you like the tea mild, steep it for 2mins and if you like it strong steep it a little longer, until you have found the perfect taste.
      2. Use a sieve or an infuser or a reusable tea bag for a good experience, unless you do not mind consuming the ingredients in your cup. Then, no worries because all the ingredients are safe to consume.
      3. Add one teaspoon per cup