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Forest Flowers Calming Tea Blend


Forest Flowers Calming tea blend will help relax your body and calm your nerves. It has relatively lower caffeine level as compared to black tea or coffee, so you can enjoy a cup before bedtime.

'Destress' yourself with each sip of this beautiful forest flowers tea!

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, wild turmeric flowers, Oolong tea.

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  • Natural Flowers to Relax Your Body

    Sometimes life can be stressful.

    While we cannot totally get rid of it, nature has provided us plants and flowers to help us combat stress and its side effects.

    Well known for its soothing and calming effect, Chamomile has long been used as a traditional folk remedy. Combined with the goodness of wild turmeric flowers and Oolong tea, this forest flowers tea blend might just be the natural remedy you are looking for to relax and 'destress' at the end of the day.

    The ingredients in this tea also works well in promoting healthy skin and hair condition.

    Note: Not recommended for infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with a history of severe allergies.
  • How to Use Zizira Forest Flowers Calming Tea Blend:

    1. Fill kettle with water.
    2. Heat it over a stove.
    3. Place one teaspoon of the tea in any container/pot. Pour the hot water over the tea.
    4. Cover the container/pot. Let the tea infuse (5-6 minutes)
    5. Use tea strainer and pour it in a cup.
    6. Enjoy sip by sip.

    Note: Do not discard the tea blend after 1 use, add another cup of hot water and have it till the last drop of essence and goodness is drawn from the herbs.

  • Health Benefits of Zizira Forest Flowers Calming Tea:

    All the ingredients included in our Forest Flowers Calming Tea Blend are considered to be highly medicinal. Some of the health benefits of Chamomile flowers, Wild Turmeric flowers, Oolong tea are:

    1. Relieves stress
    2. Calms your nerves
    3. Healthy glowing skin
    4. Healthy hair condition
    5. Promotes healthy heart
    6. Helps digestive health

    Click on the link to read more on the benefits of chamomile and Oolong tea.

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