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Limited Edition Winter Honey

Zizira’s honey infusions are available only in the winter season from November to February. Raw Honey from Meghalaya tends to have a higher moisture content compared to honey from elsewhere, therefore infusing it with other herbs and spices might cause fermentation in the summer, which leads to leakage in our honey bottles. Therefore, Zizira limits the production and sale of these infusions to the winter only! Buy it while it is available.

What is Ginger Infused Honey?

Zizira’s Ginger infused honey is a carefully infused product that combines the sweetness of naturally grown ginger from Meghalaya. It is a tasty and healthy herbal addition to your food.

The main ingredient of Ginger Infused Honey is Mawsynram Honey, which is a sweet delicacy with a unique taste. It is used in its unprocessed, raw form, without altering its nutritional properties. The uniqueness of this infused honey comes from the addition of Meghalaya Ginger, which is known for its many uses from cough to nausea. Ginger Infused Honey is a ready-made product that gives you both the benefits of honey, such as energy-boosting properties, anti-oxidant properties, etc., as well as the benefits of ginger, such as its anti-inflammatory and antiemetic properties.

You no longer need to struggle with a DIY homemade infusion recipe. This unique honey infusion makes it easy to consume a perfectly infused combination of ginger and honey. Plus, you can always add more ingredients to make it even more interesting. It is perfect for having with warm milk, tea, ice cream, raw desserts, and so many more dishes.

What is 'Infused Honey'?

A Honey Infusion is a simple concoction that serves as an herbal remedy that not only provides maximum benefits but is delicious too. It is the easiest method of combining all sorts of herbs and spices with honey to bring about delicious and unique flavours as well as adding remedial values too.

Combining the healing properties of various herbs and spices with raw honey is the most effective way of keeping the body free from diseases and helps in boosting the immune system. It is possible to infuse honey at home with various ingredients.

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