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Ing Makhir I A Healing Ginger Powder I 120g


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Zingiber rubens is one of the varieties of Ginger. It is a common spice used by the locals of Meghalaya due to its potent medicinal values.

It is locally known as “Sying Makhir” in Khasi and “Iching” in Garo.

Belonging to the same family as Ginger, it also contains an active component known as “gingerol”as well as some other vitamins, minerals and essential oils in it.

Zizira Ing Makhir ginger powder supports stomach discomfort during such travels. Sourced directly from sustainable family farms of Meghalaya.


  • Expecting mothers should consult a physician before consumption.
  • If you have gallstones or a blood clotting disorder you must consult your physician.

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    • Ing Makhir - Potent Gingerol Ginger


    • How to Use High Gingerol Ing Makhir Powder:

      1. One teaspoon of Ing Makhir ginger powder can be added to your food for flavor as well as for its benefits.
      2. ½ a teaspoon of the powder can be added in your morning and evening teas.
      3. ½ a teaspoon of the powder taken with honey before bedtime may help in relieving cold and cough in both children and adults.
    • Health Benefits of High Gingerol Ing Makhir Powder:

      The essential oils in Sying Makhir, contribute to its potent therapeutic activity and gingerol being the main component helps in reducing pain in the body and zingiberene (an essential oil that contributes to its aroma)

      Some of the health benefits of Ing Makhir’s high gingerol are:

      1. Due to its hot potency and its anti-viral property, it is helpful in relieving cough, cold and sore throat.
      2. It also contains various vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium that may help in destroying viruses and helps in combating chills and fevers.
      3. It is an ingredient that helps in relieving nausea.
      4. Prevents digestive problems in infants- The locals of Meghalaya have included “Ing Makhir” in a popular medicine known as “Dawai niangsohpet” which is a remedy given to infants to protect them from various health disorders.
      5. Relieves toothaches- A piece of Ing Makhir is crushed and placed in the affected tooth to relieve pain. This is due to the gingerol content in it.
      6. Relieves inflammation and body aches- The essential oils in it provide an anti-inflammatory effect which helps in reducing inflammation and aches.
      7. It detoxifies the body- It has an anti-intestinal gas property which helps in relieving gas. It also helps relieve digestive issues.


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