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Lakadong Mirch - Bhut Jolokia Spicy blend from Meghalaya | 50g


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  • Stop Worrying. Try this Metabolism Treat!

    Are you someone who frequently craves for a mid-day snack?

    We believe you should enjoy a treat during the day, but you can control snacking. We created a blend that fights snacking and increases metabolism — Lakadong Mirch!

    It contains Bhut jolokia, popularly known as the Planet’s hottest ever chilli!!!

    The ingredients have been carefully selected to enhance metabolism and promote a regenerative lifestyle. This drink is hot and spicy. You might want to add honey to your drink to reduce the heat.

    Ingredients: Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, Szechuan, Bhut Jolokia, Stevia 

    Lakadong Mirch is a blend that helps you escape the snacking habit. "Beb" is the Khasi term for Bhut Jolokia, so we also called it as Lakadong Beb.

    The high level of capsaicin in the Beb blend increases metabolism and can suppress appetite. It’s a quick and easy drink that will distract you from snacking and pep up your energy level.

    Lakadong Mirch can be mixed with milk or pure water served hot or cold.  Prepare with hot water to reduce calorie intake. You can even try it in your fruit juice.

    For best results enjoy this metabolism treat every day.

  • How To Use Lakadong Mirch - Golden Milk with Bhut Jolokia:

    First, add 1/4 tsp of Lakadong Mirch in a cup. Then add 1 teaspoon honey to the blend and create a thick paste. Then pour 250ml of warm water or milk over this paste. You can even use any ice-cold juice. Stir this mixture for a minute. You can also add your choice of sweetener (optional since it already contains stevia). Enjoy it warm or ice cold. 

  • This blend might create a sticky/slimy texture which is perfectly normal. It happens due to the fibrous nature of minimally processed ingredients. Follow the recipe mentioned above to avoid the sticky texture. You can also sieve the juice to separate the stickiness. 
  • Health Benefits of Lakadong Mirch - Golden Milk with Bhut Jolokia

    Benefits of consuming the ingredients found in this blend:

    1. Appetite-suppressant
    2. Metabolism increaser
    3. Inflammation reducer
    4. Antioxidant



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