Pure Wildflower Raw Honey from Mawsynram

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As the name suggests, Mawsynram honey is obtained from the dense forests of Mawsynram rich with exotic flora. This variant of honey is specifically derived by bees from a flower - syntiew ngap as well as orange, and chestnut trees. The colour, and texture of this variant of honey rely on the season, the flower from which the bees extract the nectar as well as the age of the honeycomb structure.

Zizira Mawsynram Honey is pure, natural, raw, and unprocessed. It has been tested free of artificial additives, colouring agents, or preservatives. Obtained from the traditional beekeepers of Meghalaya with years of indigenous knowledge, Zizira's pure Mawsynram Honey is obtained from sun-soaked pollen and nectar collected by bees during summers and winters. It has a beautiful golden-brown colour with a smooth and thick consistency. It is extremely flavorful with a mild citrus flavour filled with a refreshing aroma.

Rainfall and micro-climate affect the flowers growing every season, which is the major reason behind this pure raw honey sporting dynamic colour, and texture. This is highly celebrated by the local folks from Meghalaya for its delicious taste and holistic usage prospects.

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