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Our Chef's Spices Pack is an assortment of Meghalaya's finest spices specially curated for both professional and home cooks who are in need of quality spices. 

The pack contains sample sized pouches of seven spices:  Meghalaya’s special Lakadong turmeric and Ing Makhir ginger, aromatic Szechuan pepper and Lemongrass, flavourful Cinnamon and Bay leaf powder, and some spicy Black peppercorns.

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, this pack of ingredients is just perfect for recipe trials, and you can go crazy experimenting with the different flavours! All these ingredients are available in bulk so you can try them out with this pack first.

All the ingredients are sourced from local farmers who grow them without chemicals or fertilizers to ensure they’re as pure as can be. And if that’s not enough, we grind and process the spices in-house to ensure the best aroma, flavours, and colours are maintained.

With Zizira's Chef Spices Pack, sample today and we’ll supply bulk for your tomorrow!


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