Meghalaya Kitchen Combo (Lakadong turmeric 50g + Ing makhir ginger 30g+ Bhut jolokia 25g)

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Our Meghalaya Kitchen Combo curates three spices from Meghalaya. It contains Lakadong turmeric powder to give your dishes that superior golden hue, Ing Makhir ginger to add an aromatic punch to your dishes and beverages, and Bhut Jolokia to add a punch of spiciness. 

Transform your dishes from bland and boring to spicy and flavourful with our Megha Kitchen Combo! Enjoy the pungent punch of black pepper, the fiery yet fruity burn of Bhut Jolokia and the familiar flavour of ginger straight from the hills of Meghalaya.

We have combined these three spices into this combo pack for you to explore and enhance your culinary expertise.

Lakadong turmeric powder 50g

Zizira's trademark turmeric, the mighty high curcumin Lakadong turmeric, is one of the finest turmeric varieties in India. This golden coloured spice hails from a small village called Lakadong in Meghalaya from which it gets its name. It is known for its high curcumin content which is between 7 to 9% (last tested in 2021), giving it tremendous medicinal qualities.

Ing Makhir Ginger 30g

Ing Makhir Ginger or Sying Makhir as it is popularly known, is a variety of ginger indigenous to Meghalaya that stands out from other varieties for its strong taste and flavour. Sying Makhir is known to contain high levels of gingerol, a chemical compound responsible for the flavour and health benefits of ginger. Hence, Ing Makhir packs a strong punch of flavour!

Bhut Jolokia (Whole) 25g

Bhut Jolokia, the Ghost Chilli or 'Naga Chilli' is widely cultivated in the Northeastern states. It’s the world’s spiciest naturally grown chilli and as per the Scoville scale, Bhut Jolokia measures 1,041,427 units. Despite its extreme pungency, Bhut Jolokia has a sweetish, fruity taste that lends a unique flavour to your dishes. 

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