Perilla Seeds


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  • Perilla is known as Bhanjeera in Hindi, and 'Nei Lieh' in Khasi, is a herb that belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae.

    Perilla seeds are aromatic and they have a delicious nutty flavour. They are used as a spice and makes delicious chutneys and salads. The locals of Meghalaya roast and ground perilla seeds, and mix them with vegetables such as radish, boiled bitter gourd, cabbage to make healthy nutritious salads.

    You can try out a healthy salad recipe here.

    The perilla plant is rich in dietary fibre contains nutrients such as alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acid. They have anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and heart-protective properties.

    Perilla oil is rich in omega3 fatty acids. The oil helps in treating asthma, to soothe stomach ache, and to relieve muscle spasms. Perilla grows in abundance in Meghalaya.

    We have sourced these seeds from our farmer partners who have been practising traditional methods of farming. They are nutritious and healthy and do not contain any chemical or pesticides.

    What Is the Shelf-life of Perilla Seeds?

    Our Perilla Seeds can last for twelve months if it is properly stored. The powder does not get spoilt, but it will start to lose its potency with time and will not flavour or show its benefits as intended.

    Note: This product is brought to you from the farms, unprocessed and in its purest form.

    How to Store Perilla Seeds?

    Here are a few simple steps to follow in order to keep your Perilla Seeds fresh for a longer duration.
    • Store it in an airtight container and remember to close the lid of the container tightly as soon as you finish using it.
    • Before storing the seeds in airtight containers, make sure the seeds, as well as the bottle, is thoroughly dried because the presence of moisture will cause the seeds to develop molds.
    • Coloured bottles are a better option to store the seeds as it protects it from direct sunlight. If you are using clear bottles, remember to store it in closed cabinets or wall racks which do not receive direct sunlight.
    • Store it away from stoves, ovens, windows and do not keep it on the top of a refrigerator because the heat emitted from them causes the seeds to lose its strength.


    Perilla plant and seeds look and are quite different from sesame seeds. The taste of both the seeds is also quite different too.

    Perilla plant belongs to the mint family and has a minty liquorice kind of a taste addition to the nutty flavour.

    Over the years, we have developed good relationships with ethical farmers who provide us with pure and great quality products.

    Our team travels to the most isolated and remote villages to source the best ingredients.

    The extra mile

    • Knowing where our ingredients come from- We deeply care about where each and every ingredient we use comes from. Over the years our team has been able to build up relations with the ethical farmers of Meghalaya and what is important is that we give importance to providing pure and safe products to our customers.
    • Evaluation of ingredients- To provide our customers with the best products, we make sure to select the absolute best ingredients with maximum quality. Both our team and our farmer partners share the same mission and we prioritize on the long-term health of the land. The land is free from all unwanted artificial additives such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides resulting in safe and pure ingredients.
    • Product safety- In the processing of food, we are aware of hazards that can creep in. We do not take chances with any kind of hazard – physical, chemical or biological. We take every necessary precaution to control them at every critical point in our food processing facility. That is what we are doing with every new harvest of each and every ingredient that we use.
    • Credible, Safe and Wholesome- We follow a similar process for all of Zizira's products. Credible, high standard quality maintenance without excuses. We understand that the choices we make and who we work with, partner with, what and how we serve can make a difference. We believe that our continued effort and diligent work will contribute to the health of our customers, to the prosperity of the farmers as they revive and regenerate traditional farming practices.
  • Health Benefits

    • Lowers cholesterol- The seeds help in lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and it increases HDL (good cholesterol) which may further help in preventing heart diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and other rare diseases.
    • Lowers the risk of heart diseases- Excellent quantity of healthy fats in Perilla seeds makes it highly beneficial for preventing various heart-related problems. The seeds help in maintaining healthy blood vessels by making them strong enough to overcome the accumulation of plaque. The antioxidant property in it also helps in preventing oxidation of cholesterol that is present in the food.
    • Has anti-depressant properties and good for the brain- The powerful antioxidant activity of the seeds and the healthy oils in it has a major effect on the organic chemical (dopamine) which is present at the centre of our brain helping us feel happier. It also helps in optimizing the brain function and helps with memory.
    • Boost the immunity- The phytochemical compounds that are present in this seed helps to trigger the activity of a group of signalling proteins (interferons) which may help in promoting the effectiveness of the immune system and helps keep various diseases away.
    • Helpful in respiratory disorders- The chemical constituents such as quercetin, luteolin, alpha-linoleic and rosmarinic acid present in the seeds are great for helping deal with respiratory tract disorders and helps a person breathe easily.