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Zizira Raw Un-roasted Coffee Fruits from Meghalaya 1Kg


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Who does not love consuming coffee? If you love drinking coffee, you can also include this favourite beverage ingredient even in your soap. Yes, this unroasted coffee is rich in anti-oxidants and is a great add on for your soaps. Zizira offers you unroasted coffee fruits from a remote landlocked village of Mynriah village, Meghalaya. The Zizira team discovered that robusta coffee grows in this part of the region and we sourced it from farmers growing coffee. It is 100% natural and raw coffee.

Here are a few benefits of raw un-roasted coffee soap: 

  1. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells
  2. It helps soften the skin
  3. It helps treat puffy eyes
  4. It helps to tighten the skin
  5. It helps brighten the skin

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