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  • Limited Edition Winter Honey

    These infusions are available only in the winter season from November to February.

    Raw Honey from Meghalaya tend to have a higher moisture content compared to honey from elsewhere, therefore infusing it with other herbs and spices might cause fermentation in the summer, which leads to leakage in our honey bottles.

    Therefore, limiting Zizira to provide these infusions in the winter only!

    What is Roselle infused honey?

    Zizira’s Roselle Honey is one that has been infused with the beautiful calyces of Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle/Hibiscus). Roselle, commonly known as ‘Jajew’ in the Khasi language is one of the indigenous foods of the Bhoi tribe in Meghalaya. The flowers have a lovely ruby red colour that gives a sour and fruity taste.

    Our Mawsynram honey gets infused with the beautiful and highly nutritious calyces or sepals of this plant to give out an extremely delicious infusion that is loaded with flavour and benefits.

    What is Honey Infusion?

    Honey infusions are simple concoctions that serve as herbal remedies. Not only do they provide maximum benefits, but are delicious too. It is the easiest method of combining all sorts of herbs and spices with honey to bring about delicious and unique flavours as well as adding remedial values too.

    Combining the healing properties of various herbs and spices with raw honey is the most effective way of keeping the body free from diseases and helps in boosting the immune system.

    Ingredients in Roselle Honey

    Roselle honey is a combination of natural ingredients that are beneficial as well as flavorful. The basic ingredients in this infusion are:

    Mawsynram Honey- A natural honey that is directly collected from the dense forests of Mawsynram where the flora is in abundance. Our Mawsynram honey is provided to us by our partnered beekeeper, Kong Elvira who hails from Thieddieng village in Mawsynram. This honey is in the pure and raw form and is free from all artificial additives.

    Roselle calyces- Roselle also known as rosella or hibiscus is a plant that is widely found in Meghalaya. It is cultivated for the external portion of its flowers, known as calyces or sepals that are edible. These beautiful ruby coloured calyces are used locally in beverages, sauces, jellies, chutneys, and pickles. Its leaves and stalk are also edible and are used as salads, for seasoning curries or cooked vegetables or meat. Flowers of this plant are also used as a liquid for natural dyes.

    Roselle has also been utilized as a therapeutic plant for decades. Traditionally, it was used for treating toothaches, infections of the urinary tract, cold, and even hangovers. The dried calyces contain flavonoids and have a major pigment known as hibiscin in it. It also has a high vitamin C content that brings about some of its health benefits.

    Why Does Foaming Occur in Honey Infusions?

    Honey infusion is a combination of herbs and spices with raw honey. This process includes mixing of ingredients together which leads to the formation of bubbles and froth in the honey. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the processing and packaging of these honey infusions. 
    When packed in containers, the natural ingredients get infused together and produces a unique and delicious flavour in the honey that gets enhanced with time. The longer you keep your honey-infused, the stronger the flavour will be.

    What Is the Shelf-life of Honey Infusions?

    The flavour of any honey infusion becomes intense with time. It is preferred to use the honey infusion within six months from the manufacturing date because when kept for a longer duration, its taste can become extremely strong which may not be preferred by some.

    How Should Honey Infusions be Stored?

    Although honey is a super-food, it is not a supernatural ingredient. The mixture of herbs and spices in it makes the honey more susceptible to get contaminated with moisture and other unwanted substances.

    To avoid such circumstances, honey infusions should be sealed properly after opening and should be stored in a cool and dry area. Addition of moisture or water to it will make the honey go bad and lead to a fermentation process which gives a sour aftertaste.


    Roselle honey has been created with love and with the intention to provide you with the most delicious honey infusion. It offers you the pleasure of consuming natural rich ingredients such as Roselle or ‘Jajew’ of Meghalaya in the most convenient way by simply infusing it with the most versatile ingredient – Honey!

    Our Mawsynram honey gets infused with the richest and unique ingredient that is roselle calyces that makes the honey extremely delicious and its mouthwatering aroma is what makes it special. The lovely and beautiful ruby-coloured calyces give the infusion a wonderful and pretty red colour that is immensely attractive and appealing. The consistency of this honey is so smooth that it easily dribbles down a spoon to give your food that extra sweetness and colour.

    The sweet and tangy taste is so pleasing and satisfying that will make you want more. It is an infusion you will definitely love! The uniqueness in its composition and the burst of flavours it produces is worthwhile and the benefits it produces makes it more remarkable.

    What is Special About Roselle Honey?

    Zizira’s Roselle honey has been affectionately formulated by using pure, natural, and raw ingredients that are directly and traditionally sourced from the ethical farmers of Meghalaya.

    The extra mile we take to ensure we provide the best:  Our team travels to the most isolated and remote villages to source the best ingredients. We make sure that the ingredients we use in our products come straight from the farmers who make an effort in providing us with the purest and highly genuine ingredients.

    These are a few ways how we ensure the purity of our products: -

    • Knowing where our ingredients come from- We deeply care about where each and every ingredient we use comes from. Over the years our team has been able to build up relations with the ethical farmers of Meghalaya and what is important is that we give importance to providing pure and safe products to our customers.
    • Evaluation of ingredients- To provide our customers with the best products, we make sure to select the absolute best ingredients with maximum quality. Both our team and our farmer partners share the same mission and we prioritize on the long-term health of the land. The land is free from all unwanted artificial additives such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides resulting in safe and pure ingredients.
    • Product safety- In the processing of food, we are aware of hazards that can creep in. We do not take chances with any kind of hazard – physical, chemical or biological. We take every necessary precaution to control them at every critical point in our food processing facility. That is what we are doing with every new harvest of each and every ingredient that we use.
    • Credible, Safe and Wholesome- We follow a similar process for all of Zizira's products. Credible, high standard quality maintenance without excuses. We understand that the choices we make and who we work with, partner with, what and how we serve can make a difference. We believe that our continued effort and diligent work will contribute to the health of our customers, to the prosperity of the farmers as they revive and regenerate traditional farming practices.
  • Health Benefits

    Here are a few health benefits of Roselle Honey:

    1. Helps in relieving menstrual pain- Roselle helps in restoring hormonal balances that may reduce other various symptoms of menstruation like mood swings, depression as well as overeating. It also provides relief from cramps and chronic menstrual pain.
    2. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties- Roselle is highly rich in ascorbic acid which is also known as vitamin C. This vitamin is an important nutrient that is required by the body in order to enhance and stimulate the immune system. Dried calyces of this plant contain the maximum quantity of vitamin c in it which further helps in boosting the immunity, increases the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as its cooling effect, helps in treating discomfort that is caused by fever.
    3. Aids in digestion- This plant is known for its tonic and diuretic properties. It thus helps in increasing urination and bowel movements. It acts as a laxative and helps deal with constipation.
    4. Helps in weight loss- Both honey and roselle are beneficial for losing weight. Consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrates means they also contain starch and sugar in them that likely tends to gain weight. However, some studies have suggested that the extract of roselle helps in lowering the absorption of glucose and starch in the body and may help in losing weight. Roselle acts by inhibiting the production of amylase which helps in absorbing carbohydrates and starch in the body. By including this honey infusion in your diet, it will prevent the absorption from occurring and thus, helps in weight loss.
    5. Antidepressant properties- Roselle honey contains flavonoids in it that produce an antidepressant property. It helps in calming down the nervous system and also helps in dealing with depression by producing a relaxing sensation in the body and mind.
    6. Helps in dealing with rare diseases- This infusion contains hibiscus protocatechuic acid in it which possess an anti-tumour and antioxidant properties. Studies have suggested that roselle helps in slowing down the growth of cancer cells by producing apoptosis which means programmed death of these cells.
    7. Management of cough, cold and fever- In the book “Healing herbal teas”, it has been mentioned that fresh roselle flowers contain about 6.7 mg of ascorbic acid also known as vitamin C in it. This is one of the most important nutrients that is needed by our body. These flowers also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in it that help in destroying harmful bacteria that causes cold and cough and hence, it is useful in treating them. The cooling effect it possesses is extremely effective in reducing the discomforts that accompany a fever.
    8. Helps in the management of blood pressure- Studies have suggested that roselle has antihypertensive and cardioprotective properties that are extremely beneficial for people who are suffering from conditions like hypertension or high blood pressure and those who have a high risk of various heart diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory and diuretic activities, it may reduce the blood pressure as it will help in increasing urination.
    9. A good source of antioxidants- The main reason as to why antioxidants are extremely beneficial for the body is because it protects it from a substance that causes damage to the cells in our body. Roselle honey is rich in antioxidants and its consumption may help in reducing the risk of rare diseases as well as it protects the liver because these natural antioxidants help in boosting the body’s own antioxidant defences.
    10. Nutritious- Honey contains various nutrients in it that makes it a healthy addition to your diet. The nutrition in it varies with the environment and depends on the types of flowers the bees collect their nectar from. But it still contains healthy compounds such as amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins in it. Roselle honey is highly nutritious due to the various properties as well as the micro and macronutrients that are present in it. Its daily intake can provide maximum content of all the essential nutrients needed by the body.
    11. Energy booster- Honey is good or is even better than glucose, sugar, or water in boosting the energy of athletes. It is a great source of carbohydrates and sugar and it helps in maintaining glycogen (helps in storing energy) levels which is beneficial in improving the recovery time as compared to other sweeteners.
    12. Maintains healthy teeth and gums- Traditionally, roselle has been utilized in treating dental issues. Until today, it is still beneficial in dealing with problems related to the gums and helps in maintaining healthy teeth due to the significant amount of calcium it contains.
    13. Healthy pregnancy- Roselle is extensively rich in iron content which is highly beneficial for women who are expecting because it is during this duration that pregnant women require maximum iron content in their body and should consume iron-rich foods.
  • Uses

    Whether you are preparing a garnish or topping your favourite breakfast, these honey infusions are a seamless compliment. Whichever way you use them, they will surely tingle your taste buds.

    Here are a few ways you can use our Roselle Honey

    • Snack it directly from the jar using a teaspoon and spread it on your bread or toast. It will surely make them delicious.
    • Drizzle this ruby-coloured infusion over your favourite dessert for its amazing taste and colour.
    • It is a perfect add on to your iced tea. A teaspoon or two with some chilled water and ice cubes will definitely make your summers fun.
    • Roselle honey herbal tea is also a good option that will help detox and provide you with all the essential nutrients your body requires. A teaspoon or two of this sweet infusion in a cup of warm water is all you need to complete a sweet and healthy day. 

    Roselle honey strawberry milkshake recipe:


    • Two teaspoons of roselle honey
    • One glass of milk
    • Half a glass of water
    • Four to five pieces of strawberries
    • Some ice cubes


    1. Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend it well
    2. Empty it in a glass and add a few ice cubes

    A perfect option for kids on a hot summer day.

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