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    • Constant stress can lead to many ailments related to your health. It is easy to pop a pill or spray on some pain reliever. But, prolonged use of these medicines may lead to severe side effects which we may not be aware of.

      Zizira brings to you a natural elixir from Meghalaya that helps to calm your mind and body and its prolonged use may not be so harmful as that of conventional medicines.

      This combo pack contains

    • Bay Leaf Chai (50 gm) 

    • Gotu Kola Powder (40 gm).

      These products may keep you stress-free and also provide you with a body that is mentally and physically fit.

      What is Bay Leaf Chai?

      This blend is a combination of amazing ingredients that are directly and traditionally sourced from our farmers. It consists of our very own Lakadong turmeric, Bay leaf, Black pepper, Ginger and Green Tea.

      Lakadong Turmeric- Lakadong Turmeric is a special variety of turmeric from a place called ‘Lakadong’, in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. It is known for its medicinal qualities as the Curcumin content in it is between 7 to 12.32% (last tested in 2020), which is one of the highest, as against 2 to 3% in most varieties of turmeric. Curcumin in it is responsible for its bright yellowish-orange colour along with its incredible medicinal properties. This component also determines its value. So, the higher the curcumin level the higher the value.

      Bay Leaf- The Indian bay leaf is scientifically known as Cinnamomum tamala or tej patta in Hindi. Originated in the southern slopes of the Himalayas, they are also found growing in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and the North-Eastern hills of India. It is an endemic spice in most Indian cuisines from savoury to sweet dishes due to its distinctive fragrance and flavour. However, it is also well-known for the medicinal properties it possesses. Presence of various nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin A and C along with folic acid (a type of vitamin B) makes it a highly beneficial herb. If the leaves are eaten whole, they are pungent and have a sharp bitter taste. Its fragrance is more noticeable than its taste which when dried, it gives out a herbal and slightly floral fragrance which is due to the presence of essential oils like Myrcene and Eugenol in it.

      Black pepper- Known as the king of spice as it is widely loved and extensively used by people all over the world. Black pepper’s signature aroma emanates from the berries of the tropical Piper nigrum vine, one among the thousand species of the Piperaceae family. Black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple but is used medicinally in ancient medicines. It has active component piperine which does all the magic! It is responsible for all the health benefits that it provides and is also an essential component that enhances curcumin absorption and activates it up to 2,000%. It works by supporting the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system.

      Ginger- Ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world. Renowned for its taste elevating properties and is a must-have in Asian cooking. It is loaded with essential nutrients and bioactive components that have powerful benefits for the body. People have been using ginger for cooking as well as medicines since ancient times. The unique fragrance and flavour of this spice come from its natural oils, gingerol. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound that is responsible for many of its medicinal properties. It provides powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and is a popular home remedy for nausea, stomach disorders and various other health issues.

      Green Tea- Green tea is an indigenous plant of China and India. It has been acknowledged and consumed for the many health benefits it has. Green tea is one of the healthiest beverage one can have. It got its name from the beautiful emerald green colour that evolves when brewed. The basic reason as to why green tea has more health benefits than black tea is mainly due to its processing method. The processing of black tea allows fermentation process whereas green tea skips the fermentation process which results in the maximum quantity of antioxidants and other valuable substances to get intact and give green tea its benefits.

      What is Gotu Kola Powder?

      Our Gotu powder is a pure and natural solution that can be daily used to improve memory. It is natural goodness packed in a bottle. It consists of nothing more than pure Gotu Kola plant that has been pulverized into a fine powder.

      Gotu Kola is well known as Brahmi or Jalbrahmi in Sanskrit and Hindi whereas, in the traditional Indian system of medicine- Ayurveda, it is known as Mandookparni. It stands amongst the hundreds of medicinal and food plants across different cultures.

      The locals of Meghalaya call it ‘Khliang syiar’ or ‘Bat pyllon’ and ‘Bat moina’. Scientifically, it is known as Centella asiatica or the Asian pennywort. It is not aromatic, but it has a refreshing herbal quality to it. In Meghalaya, Gotu kola is traditionally used as a remedy for treating stomach issues like diarrhoea, dysentery, and acidity. Although its leaves are the main part that is used, its stems and roots are also utilized for consumption.

      What Is the Shelf-life of Bay Leaf Chai and Gotu kola?

      Our Bay leaf chai and Gotu kola can last for twelve months if they are properly stored. The powder does not get spoilt, but it will start to lose its potency with time and will not flavour or show its benefits as intended when it exceeds the period of twelve months.

      How to Store This Combo?

      To keep your Bay leaf chai and Gotu kola fresh for a longer duration, store it away from direct sunlight, stoves, ovens, and do not keep it on the top of a refrigerator because the heat emitted from them causes the blend to lose its flavour and strength.


      In Ayurveda, bay leaf is added in teas for treating cough and cold.

      If you smell a dried bay leaf, you might not get as much aroma as you would. But this does not mean there is no flavour in it.

      Bay leaf tea adds a subtle bitterness that gives a calming and soothing effect.

      The mildly bitter taste of Gotu Kola reminds one of parsley and wheatgrass with notes of cucumber.

      It has a bitter and sweet taste and is known to impart cooling energy.

      A member of the parsley family, it has no taste or smell. It thrives in and around water. It has small fan-shaped green leaves with white or light purple-to-pink flowers and small oval fruit.

      Zizira’s bay leaf chai and Gotu Kola are pure, and natural that are directly and traditionally sourced from the ethical farmers of Meghalaya.

      The extra mile we take to ensure we provide the best- Our team travels to the most isolated and remote villages to source the best ingredients. We make sure that the ingredients we use in our products come straight from the farmers and beekeepers who make an effort in providing us with the purest and highly genuine produce. These are a few ways how we ensure the purity of our products: -

      • Knowing where our ingredients come from- We deeply care about where each and every ingredient we use comes from. Over the years our team has been able to build up relations with the ethical farmers and beekeepers of Meghalaya and what is important is that we give importance to providing pure and safe products to our customers.
      • Evaluation of ingredients- To provide our customers with the best products, we make sure to select the absolute best ingredients with maximum quality. Both our team and our farmer partners share the same mission and we prioritize on the long-term health of the land. The land is free from all unwanted artificial additives such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides resulting in safe and pure ingredients.
      • Product safety- In the processing of food, we are aware of hazards that can creep in. We do not take chances with any kind of hazard – physical, chemical or biological. We take every necessary precaution to control them at every critical point in our food processing facility. That is what we are doing with every new harvest of each and every ingredient that we use.
      • Credible, Safe and Wholesome- We follow a similar process for all of Zizira's products. Credible, high standard quality maintenance without excuses. We understand that the choices we make and who we work with, partner with, what and how we serve can make a difference. We believe that our continued effort and diligent work will contribute to the health of our customers, to the prosperity of the farmers as they revive and regenerate traditional farming practices.
    • Health Benefits

      The two powders in this combo are packed with maximum health benefits that will provide essential nutrients the body requires.

      Here are some health benefits of Bay leaf chai:

      1. Improves digestion- Bay leaves are believed to have excellent effects on the gastrointestinal system and also acts as a diuretic as it helps in stimulating urination. This effect further helps in decreasing toxicity by flushing out the toxic substances. Furthermore, the compounds that are present in bay leaves are highly effective in dealing with upset stomachs, soothing irritable bowel syndrome. Due to some complex proteins that are present in our diet, it makes it difficult to digest but the enzymes that are present in bay leaves facilitates efficient digestion and the intake of different nutrients.
      2. Helps in respiratory conditions- Bay leaves have powerful antibacterial properties in it and the essential oils in it help in alleviating respiratory conditions. It helps to loosen up the phlegm and eliminates harmful bacteria that may be trapped in the respiratory tract.
      3. Protects heart health- Phytoconstituents in it such as caffeic acid and rutin are essential compounds that enhance heart health. Rutin helps in strengthening the capillary walls of the heart while caffeic acid helps in eliminating the bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular system keep the heart-healthy.
      4. Has anti-cancer properties- Bay leaves have a unique combination of antioxidants as well as other organic compounds such as phytonutrients, linalool, catechins, and parthenolide that helps in protecting the body from the harmful effects of cancer-causing free radicals or substances. These free radicals cause mutation of the healthy cells into cancer cells, but bay leaves may help in preventing this activity due to the abundant number of antioxidants and organic compounds in it.
      5. Helps in reducing inflammation- Curcumin in turmeric and cinnamon have natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help the body fight against foreign substances. Without inflammation in the body, bacteria and germs can easily take over the body and lead to chronic diseases. Therefore, whatever substance that can help in treating chronic inflammation is of utmost importance.

        Curcumin and piperine are powerful anti-inflammatory substances that can suppress inflammation and fight chronic inflammation at a higher level.

      6. Prevents Nervous Disorders- There are many health issues related to nervous disorders; such as Parkinson’s disease that affects the central nervous system; Carpel tunnel syndrome, which causes numbness in the arms, paralysis, Bell’s palsy, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, to name a few. These illnesses are related to the nervous system and can cause health complications. Gotu Kola has an antianxiety agent which helps in relieving stress, enhancing the mood and inducing sleep thereby calming the nervous system. The molecular mechanism of Gotu kola on neuroprotection remains to be elucidated. Get your free copy of the 10 DIY best recipes with Essential Oils for daily use.
      7. Memory Improvement-Does it helps in boosting your grey matter? Gotu kola is also popular as brain food. It enhances or improves your memory. When the aqueous extract of the whole plant is consumed, it enhances memory retention and learning and reduces the lipid peroxidation and growth of endogenous antioxidant enzymes in the brain. Gotu kola extract has been used to treat Alzheimer’s, a cognitive disorder and memory impairment disease. The herb is long used in Ayurvedic to treat mental and cognitive disorders. Gotu kola also helps in stimulating your brain’s neural pathways by eliminating plaque and free radicals from the brain.
      8. Boost Blood Circulation-Gotu kola is known to support healthy veins and vessels throughout the circulatory system. The most common problems due to degeneration or malfunction of blood circulation are varicose veins and haemorrhoids. When the extract of Gotu Kola leaves is consumed, triterpenes, a chemical compound, works on the veins by improving their tone and making them less susceptible to the degenerative processes that can lead to varicose veins and other problems.
      9. Regulate Blood Sugar Level-Gotu kola is well known by the Khasis’ people in helping to control blood sugar levels. The herb is steeped overnight in hot water, and the water is extracted and consumed the following day.
      10. Gotu kola is a strong candidate for alleviating diabetic symptoms, and perhaps controlling the increase of diabetes mellitus, because of its various compounds and functions.
      11. Stress Buster-Stress is becoming a common factor in the present age with a hectic lifestyle, and daily pressure in different forms. Stress can lead to sleep deprivation, the result of which is anxiety. Gotu kola has immense therapeutic potential. The herb has a positive effect on anxiety issues. It calms the adrenal glands, which in turn lowers the release of stress hormone and increases dopamine and serotonin levels.
      12. Wound Healing-As kids, we are always falling and covered in bruises and wounds. What our elders would do is take a bunch of Gotu Kola leaves, moisten the herb with saliva chew it for a while. With chewing it becomes dark green in colour. This is then taken out and applied on the wound with a bandage wrapped around it. The bandage is left for a day. Depending on the intensity of the wound, the dressing is changed. Pharmacological experiments have proven that the increased antioxidant activity of Gotu kola indicates the wound healing properties of Gotu kola extract. Gotu kola provides the same healing property when consumed orally. When taken in its natural form or powdered form, the herb aid in stimulating blood flow to the cells and protects your immune system against infections, thus, speeding up the healing process in your body.
      13. Relieve Joint Pain-Because of the presence of anti-inflammatory properties of Gotu kola, it helps in relieving from joint pain. The herb is used in treating arthritis. Research had shown that when Gotu kola was administered orally it suppressed joint inflammation. The herb is also shown to reduce cartilage erosion and bone erosion.
      14. Skin TreatmentBecause of its numerous health benefit when consumed, Gotu kola has also been tried and tested and used externally to determine its benefits, and it has always proved to give a positive result. Gotu kola can also help you achieve the skin you desire. Applying Gotu kola paste on your skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles scars and other skin blemishes. A study found that Gotu kola acted on the connective tissues of the vascular wall. In conditions of hypertensive microangiopathy and venous insufficiency, the herb improves microcirculatory parameters by lowering capillary filtration, making Gotu Kola a candidate for reducing the appearance of skin ageing. Gotu kola has been used for ages by traditional healer and Ayurveda practitioners to treat all kinds of ailments. The herb is blended with other plants to increase its effectiveness including the benefits of other herbs.
    • Here Is How You Can Make Bay Leaf Chai:

      • Add ½ teaspoon of this flavorful powder in a cup.
      • Pour hot water to it and stir.
      • If you like milk, adding it will only make it better.
      • Add your choice of sweetener if you prefer it sweet.
      • Enjoy this healing chai at any hour of the day.

      Here Is How You Can Use Gotu Kola Powder:

      • Gotu Kola Summer Drink-Try this simple recipe for Gotu Kola summer drink

      Ingredients for one glass of Summer Drink:

      • Half a mousambi (Sweet Lime)
      • Few slices of fresh ginger
      • Half a glass of water
      • Zizira Pure Gotu Kola


      1. Slice a small piece of ginger. Then, cut the mousambi in half. Put the ginger slices and mousambi in a blender. Add half a glass of water and blend. Strain the juice.
      2. Now, add one teaspoon of Zizira Pure Gotu Kola powder to the juice and stir.
      3. You can add one teaspoon of Zizira Pure Wildflower Honey for added sweetness.
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24 Sep 2020
India India
I recommend this product
Must try these products

I love both these super food... Tastes good n also good for health

29 Sep 2020

Hi Anamika, Glad you loved them. Thank you so much for choosing Zizira! -Risa (Team Zizira)

12 Feb 2020
Ayaz M.
They are good

They are good

20 Jun 2020

Thank you so much, Ayaz. Glad you liked our products.:blush: -Risa (Product development team)

22 Oct 2019
Bhupendra R.
Unique Product | Taste of NorthEast| Purity

1. Bay leaf tea is something i tried for the first time and had never tried Indian naturals things apart from the regular tea or coffee or green tea and i must say it tastes amazing. As you grow, the body starts deteriorating and stress increases. At times lack of sleep, dreams, and lack of focus on things which we do day to day. I have recently started having it and trust me helps me cool my body and i sleep better and wakeup fresh. I am loving the product and i guess i am going to recommend people to try the combo. 2. Gotu kola is something unique in its own way. The taste grows on you and i like it with milk. I have noticed that the it help me reduce stress and anxiety. Over all - great products - Best quality - value for money

17 Feb 2020

Hello Bhupendra, Thank you for trying our Stress Buster Combo and we're glad to know you're satisfied with our product and also that you the saw value for money in our product. We will be happy to share our pure and quality products with you in the future as well. -Bryan (Customer Support Team)