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✔ Has antioxidant properties, the antioxidant is known to be responsible for keeping the body healthy.

✔ It May helps in reducing inflammation.

✔ It may be useful in weight management.

✔ All the ingredients are sourced directly from the farmers of Meghalaya.

✔ Cash on delivery available.

Limited Edition Winter Honey

These infusions are available only in the winter season from November to February.

Raw Honey from Meghalaya tends to have a higher moisture content compared to honey from elsewhere, therefore infusing it with other herbs and spices might cause fermentation in the summer, which leads to leakage in our honey bottles.

Therefore, limiting Zizira to provide these infusions in the winter only!

What is Turmeric Twist Honey?

Turmeric and honey are the two ingredients that have been profusely used in kitchens across the globe, especially in the Asian continent. The widespread use of honey and turmeric is not limited to the culinary standpoint. These ingredients have been widely celebrated for their medicinal properties and have found their way into contemporary schools of medicine.

Zizira brings to you Turmeric Twist Honey, a blend that is rich with the potency of both turmeric and honey. This blend is curated by mixing Lakadong turmeric, which is known for its maximum curcumin content, and raw honey from the pristine lands of Meghalaya, North East India.

Turmeric Twist Honey is brought to you by mixing the all-potent Lakadong turmeric, ginger, black pepper with the raw honey variants native to North East India. Our Lakadong turmeric has a high level of curcumin content in it which requires the help of a little piperine from black pepper to enhance its activity.

The objective of adding black pepper to any turmeric blend is to increase the absorption rate of curcumin in the body. Hence, a combination of a little black pepper with turmeric is necessary for magnifying their effects as well as the taste.

Our Turmeric Twist Honey is a special and unique flavoured honey that has been created to enhance the benefits of raw honey. This honey is a perfect blend of ingredients that will not only enhance the taste of the honey but will also provide maximum benefits that are essential for the body.

This particular honey infusion makes the consumption of herbs and spices highly acceptable and convenient. It is one of the simplest ways to provide maximum benefits of various herbs and spices to individuals of any age group. Honey, one of the key ingredients for this blend, is mostly sourced in the winter months only. That’s why it is also referred to as winter honey. Check out the Twist honey benefits.

Intrigued enough by this turmeric blend, and eyeing to buy twist honey online? While this blend is one of a kind in itself and is not easily available everywhere, you might think the price is hefty. Check out the twist honey price in India at Zizira and compare it with other online platforms to make an informed decision.

What is Honey Infusion?

Honey infusions are simple concoctions that serve as a herbal remedy that not only provides maximum benefits but is delicious too. It is the easiest method of combining all sorts of herbs and spices with honey to bring about delicious and unique flavours as well as adding remedial values too.

Combining the healing properties of various herbs and spices with raw honey is the most effective way of keeping the body free from diseases and helps in boosting the immune system.

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